What’s Right For Me? Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

Start out right by choosing the perfect guitar.

Are you just about to start learning how to play the guitar? If you are, then you must be on the look out for your first ever guitar. The guitar is a popular choice for a musical instrument. Its versatility, portability, and popularity make it a great instrument for basically anybody who wants to learn more about it! What kind of guitar should you get though? Read more and deciding might just be made easier for you!

However, as versatile as a guitar could be, it has developed many variations over the years. Different kinds of guitars vary in size, composition, structure, and so much more! There are just so many kinds of guitars. Could you think of ones that you’ve encountered so far?

Two of the most popular guitar variations are the acoustic and electric guitars. What do you think is better?

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars have built-in pickups that convert string vibrations to electrical signals for amplifications.


  • Why is this a good choice?

Electric guitars are said to be good especially for beginners, because it is more forgiving towards mistakes. It could also come with effects and distortion could make you sound better. Electric guitars also come with lighter strings that are easier to play.

  • What are its drawbacks?

However, an electric guitar needs an amplifier. So most of the time, depending on your budget, you could get an average electric guitar with an average amplifier, when you could’ve bought a mid-range acoustic guitar with greater quality. Also, although effects could be fun and sound good, it could distract you from truly learning how to play the guitar well and good.


Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars on the other hand, do not require electrical amplification. They have a hollow body that amplifies the vibrations of strings.

  • Why is this a good choice?

Although acoustic guitars have heavier strings that could be harder to play, a lot of guitarists say that this is actually a good foundation for building stronger hands and fingers for better playing in the long run. It can also be played anytime and basically anywhere. It does not require an amplifier and a set-up. Just bring it and play! That’s perfect for practicing more often!

  • What are its drawbacks?

Acoustic guitars have the tendency to be discouraging for the weak-hearted. As a beginner, you won’t be a perfect player from the start. You’ll make mistakes, and these are easier to distinguish with an acoustic guitar that has no effects or whatsoever.

What’s best for you?

Ultimately, it would depend on the quality and features that you want on your guitar. Aside from what we mentioned, acoustic and electric guitars have distinct sounds that are better for some genres. What do you like better? Do you need to play well instantly? The Electric guitar might be a good choice for this. Do you really want to start from scratch and learn the very basics? The acoustic could be great! This isn’t going to be your final guitar, along the way, you’ll buy or trade it for another guitar. But your first guitar matters a lot on how you could maintain your interest in music and the instrument. We hope this helped you decide!

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