Purchasing the best acoustic bass guitar

Acoustic bass guitars were made to match the sound of acoustic guitars, just like how electric bass guitars match electric guitars. Unfortunately, most acoustic bass guitars are not loud enough to be heard for performances, accompaniment, or crowded places. A good amplifier is best paired up even with the best acoustic bass guitar.

The selection for this type of guitar is quite limited, but that doesn’t make choosing the best acoustic bass guitar easy. The best acoustic bass guitar has an existence that ultimately relies on its user’s goals and purpose in purchasing it. For room and personal use, it’s easy to choose an acoustic bass guitar. However, for performances and especially ones with accompaniment, brands, loudness, body, and a good amplifier are the factors that one has to consider in order to have the best acoustic bass guitar in play.

The Acoustic Bass Guitar’s body


Like most acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass guitar with a bigger body would give off louder sound output. Most acoustic bass guitar players are looking for that acoustic bass guitar that is loud enough for various purposes. Sadly though, most acoustic bass guitars, if not all, are really not loud enough and would need a good amplifier. As said, a bigger body could compensate for this, but as you could expect, a bigger acoustic bass guitar body is not a good recipe for comfort and portability.

Acoustic Bass Guitar Brands

Most acoustic bass guitar brands that offer a louder sound are much more expensive compared to others. Take Martin or Ovation acoustic bass guitars for example. They are known to be louder than other brands, but are also known for their high price. It is best to see if this is the best acoustic bass guitar for you by going to the stores personally and hear how loud these guitars could play. Basically, I would say that not one of any acoustic bass guitar plays loud enough, but you could see for yourself if it works for you. Mostly, a good and relatively loud enough acoustic bass guitar paired with a good and portable amp is what makes forth the best acoustic bass guitar.

Frets or no frets?


Putting loudness, body, and brands aside, another option that one might have to face in buying the best acoustic bass guitar is having frets or being fretless. The lack of frets allow fretless acoustic bass guitar to give off a wider and more varied but fluid range of tunes. The tunes go fluid from one section to the next, and this is best for the creative and experimental musician. Fretted acoustic bass guitars on the other hand, offer a more rigid range of tunes, but might be better for people who prefer this. Budget could also come at play in making a decision here, as most fretless acoustic bass guitars are more expensive. There are also semi-fretted acoustic bass guitars in the market.

In conclusion, the best acoustic bass guitar would ultimately rely on the buyer’s preferences and purpose in owning one. It is also best to do careful research before purchasing.

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