Before you learn to play guitars

As much as it seems easy to play a guitar, it is NOT. the time and efforts needed only to learn to get a hold on how to play the guitar properly is enormous, let alone master it. You need to prepare yourself mentally and carefully before you give it a try."

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Don't hesitate, just go for it

Everyone seems to think that talent is something you are born with, that, at a grown age, something impossible to learn. However, this statement can’t get any farther from the truth. “If you want something, go get it!” this is a phrase that my dad always reminded me.

With that simple phrase, I was able to achieve a lot of things, travel abroad, earn honors, and even compose songs and poems.


However, there is one thing I have learned lately that I am most proud of. It is something that I, like you, once thought was impossible for someone of my age to learn, and that thing is to play the guitar.

You see, it has been proven both scientifically and historically that if you put enough confidence in yourself to convince yourself that you can do something, then most likely you would achieve your goal. That is the story of how I got to play my first song with a guitar in front of my family.

Here are some recommends, i think they're helpful

If I still haven’t convinced you that you that with enough practice and mental preparation you would be able to learn how to play the guitar, then read on as I show one by one the things that have helped me give the confidence to play the guitar.

Get help from your friends

The first thing I did was ask my friends. No man is an island, even if you wanted to you will never learn how to perfectly play a guitar without the help of anyone. I asked friends of mine who are pro guitarists to assist me as I take my first baby steps in the world of guitars.


My friends were there to give tips, and feedbacks on how I play the guitar. They were also willing to share their secrets on how to play a smooth and entrancing melody.

Don't be overupset with negative feedback

The second tip that I could give you is to keep an open mind. Now that your friends are there to give you feedbacks, ask them to be as honest as possible with the comments they have. As you receive these comments, avoid taking offense from them and remember that these negative feedbacks would be your stepping stone to success.

Be patient, just take small steps

Another thing that I recommend every newbie do is to avoid flying before they learn to walk, figuratively speaking of course. One of the most common mistakes that every newbie does is to immediately try to learn how to play their favourite songs.


However, you have to keep in mind that these songs that we know today are played by guitarists that are already pro’s in the field.

You need to start with simple tunes or melodies. You can’t expect yourself to master songs by the Rolling Stone if you can’t even play twinkle twinkle little stars with your guitar!

So these are the top tips I could give you to help you achieve something that everyone else says to be impossible. Remember to ask for help, keep an open mind, and start small and simple. If I was able to learn how to play the guitar with these tips, then nothing can stop you from doing the same.

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