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Jasmine S35 Acoustic Natural is another star come frome big name like Jasmine. The Guitar's quality is great which companied by its reasonalbe price and that makes an incredible deal for you"

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Review summary

Being an only child I had no one to spend my time with at home. Hence, music was my run to when I feel alone and bored. I spent most of my time learning how to play various musical instruments such as drums, flute, and my favourite the guitar.

I have to admit, I became pretty good at playing the guitar. I remember my first one was a Martin DX1. Together with that guitar I was able to perform in different gigs in our locality. That bad boy also made me famous among the women, true story.

Sadly, we had to part ways. Years of playing sweet music with my trustworthy guitar had weakened it until one day the neck just broke. I’m going to miss that guy, but as they say, all good things must come to an end.

I tried to look for the exact same model in my local guitar shop; sadly, they say that they no longer sell that model. Hence, I decided to give the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar from Amazon. So here is my personal review of the S35.

I ordered the guitar early May last year, to my surprise, the package arrived earlier than expected. I received my new guitar just a week after I order it from This is honestly one of the fastest delivery times that I have experienced from an online store.

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Upon receipt of my new guitar, I immediately took notice of the hard casing that came free with the guitar. The hard casing is one of my favourite things about the Jasmine S35.


Unlike other guitars that came with cloth, zippered casing, the one that came with the S35 was hard and professional looking.

Whenever I use the guitar case, I felt sure that my new guitar won’t be damaged while I’m travelling. The best part about it was it was free! For something that professional looking, I couldn’t believe that it was free.


Another freebie that I got when I bought my guitar was the guitar stand. It was a regular guitar stand so I can’t really say much about it, except that I got it for free. It gave me a place to display my guitar when I was not playing it; however, there was an instance that the guitar fell.

It might have been due to an imbalance in the legs of the stand, nevertheless, after a few adjustments, it never happened again.

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My experience with it

What i like

Another thing that I like about the Jasmine S35 was the shape of its body. The shape of the top and bottom curvature of the guitar made it easier and more comfortable for me when using the guitar. I am also able to rest my arm on the guitar with the uncomfortable sharp edges at the bottom of the guitar.

Regarding the string spacing of the guitar, having fingers that are wider than usual, I had a little bit of trouble having to adjust so that I do not accidentally press the wrong strings.

I had to play a few times before I was finally able to play without such errors, but I was able to adjust eventually.

When playing the Jasmine S35, I noticed that the sound coming from the guitar was louder than my previous Martin DX1. This was a big plus for me since I loved playing in front of a crowd. It played loudly without compromising the smoothness of the notes that were coming from it.


Lastly, the guitar emitted a rounder sound than usual. Hence, I was able to play songs with more clarity without any unintended vibrations. This was problem for me in other non-professional guitars.

What i don't like

Sadly, the loud sound of the guitar also gave me a small problem. Whenever, I stay in a friend’s apartment, I wasn’t allowed to play the guitar in fear of disturbing the neighbours. However, I find the guitar’s loud volume more of a pro than of a con.

Overall, the Jasmine S35 Acoustic guitar is one of the best guitars that I had ever had. IT has a great sound and I love the hard case guitar that came with it. I can honestly say that it was better than my previous Martin DX1 guitar.

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