Jasmine S34C NEX: Who says that price could be equated to sound quality?

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I got my Jasmine about six months ago, when I decided to learn playing the guitar. At first, I didn’t exactly want to take this seriously. I just wanted a guitar so I could practice and learn by myself. I was set on testing the waters first and see if this is really something that I want to master.

However, I would say that your first guitar would really have a great impact on your motivation to pursue the craft or not. I realized how lucky I am to have purchased this guitar exactly, and have friends who were already playing the guitar for some time. It was, I would dare say, the perfect choice for starting guitar playing.


My friends recommended for me to change the strings the moment I purchased it, and so they helped me changed it. Voila! I have a really good-sounding guitar on my hand. It mattered a lot! It matters to hear sounds that are always music to the ears, no matter how out-of-tune or a big newbie I was on guitar playing before.

I would say that I’m still a newbie, but I certainly learned faster and guitar playing took a bigger place in my heart mostly because I was lucky to have purchased something so good for a great deal.


This Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic boasts of an advanced bracing system like no other. It is because is bracing system is shifted forward, closer to the sound hole. This is said to help produce a more vibrant and open sound with improved note details and definition.

It has a scalloped design that makes it lighter weight-wise and allows the top of the guitar to vibrate more freely, which results in really good quality sound. Sounds are well balanced and notes are thoroughly separated especially by the solid rosewood plate on the bridge.

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This guitar features a natural gloss, whose texture is leaning more towards matte. It has two options for the body (depending on weight and sound preferences) which is dreadnought and cutaway design. The cutaway is unbelievably lighter, while the sound on the dreadnought is more solid (although it comes with more weight). It is covered by a laminated spruce top with a rosewood fingerboard and sapele back and sides. As said, it also comes with an advanced “X” bracing design. It weighs a total of 5.9lbs with measurements of 18 x 8 x 48 inches.

S34-C is a very stylish orchestra-style guitar that is built to create rich and balanced sounds, all packed in a stylish cutaway style guitar for a great value. he smooth satin finish is said to maximize resonance for the best sound quality possible. Full binding could also be found on this guitar, complete with chrome tuners, synthetic bone nut and saddle, and a slim neck.Jasmine-S34C-guitar-2


I hope I don’t get across people here as someone so stingy, but the biggest pro of all for me, is the value that you get for your money.

This guitar is a really good buy for its price.

The sound is surprisingly to exceed your expectations, given its price.

It also looks nice. I am oddly appalled to glossy surfaces, and this guitar’s matte surface is simply a breath of fresh air. It looks nice and even feels nice. You can choose between the dreadnought and cutaway body, depending on your weight and sound preferences. The lighter one has a really good sound quality, but creates much softer tones than the slightly heavier dreadnought. The size is also perfect, it so far allows me to reach higher frets with much ease. The intonation is pretty okay too.

Honestly, given the price and the sound quality of this guitar, you can’t possibly go wrong. Most people purchase this guitar for being a “crash” guitar. A guitar with less value, something you can bump and drop on surfaces without feeling bad on how careless you are for something so expensive. And I would say that it would still work even if it was your primary guitar in use!


Most people would agree with me, when I say that whenever you purchase a relatively low-price guitar, invest on a good set of strings. Aside from the strings, I think the guitar is overall really good.

Given the surprisingly awesome sound quality that it gives off for its price, adding a good set of strings to the expenses still won’t cause as much as a high-end guitar.

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