How To Spot A Good Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Any proper acoustic guitar enthusiast needs information, and information changes. Keeping up with your passion, though, is ridiculously easy nowadays due to the Internet. All you need to know is what to look for, and where – and you’ll find it!

But, what acoustic guitar magazines are legitimate, qualitative and truly informative? I’m here to give you a little run-down and take a look at some of the things a good acoustic guitar magazine absolutely must have. Let’s go!


  1. Detailed Reviews

An obvious marking of a good acoustic guitar magazine is the amount of effort put into product, song and artist reviews – specifically when it comes to acoustic guitars. Some famous publications like Acoustic Nation and Interactive Guitar Magazine know what they’re talking about, but you don’t have to look far for other acoustic guitar magazines that get the job done.

Alright then, what constitutes a good review? Firstly, it has to give you an idea of the feel of the product. If you’re looking for a magazine to help you with finding the best acoustic fit for you, then you want the opinion of an expert who can make you picture just what any given guitar would feel like in your hand, what it could sound like, how cumbersome it is, and so on.

  1. Quality Playing Tips

The key point to a source of information is that it tells you something you don’t already know – and key to a good acoustic guitar magazine is the ability to continuously surprise and interest its readers. Playing tips are crucial – what sets gypsy rock apart from other rock? How can you achieve that perfect folk chord? What stops you from turning your acoustic guitar into a metal-blaring machine?


An acoustic guitar is ridiculously versatile – an acoustic guitar magazine should emulate that versatility in what it can teach its readership, you potentially included.

  1. Interviews

Probably the most interesting and crucial part to any magazine, is the interviews it features. As a reader, it’s completely up to you and your tastes what kind of interviews you enjoy, but most people would agree that the more prominent and experienced the interviewee, the better the end result.

Prominence and fame isn’t quite important, of course – the best magazines can pull out an interesting story from anyone, no matter what career they’ve had.

  1. Relevant And Updated News

While a cheesy point to make, news is called news because it’s new – old news is an oxymoron, and has no place in any good acoustic guitar magazine. The meat and potatoes of an acoustic guitar magazine is its news section, and depending on the magazine’s publication frequency, it’s the one thing a reader should compromise on the least. You want to know what’s going on in the music scene, don’t you? Then it’s imperative that you get the best quality in guitar and music news.

Finally, cost is an issue. A lot of high-quality publications charge money for a full version – aside from making sure that a premium cost is worth the trouble, comparing pricing is another factor to deciding what magazine to pick. It isn’t a crucial one, however, given the comparative and relatively low costs of premium acoustic guitar magazines. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain content that appears on this website comes from This content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice.
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