Headstart: Learning how to play the guitar for beginners

Guitars are one of the most popular musical instruments in this time, most especially among starting musical enthusiasts that have just started (or are considering to start) a life spiced up with the beautiful and comforting company of music.

Research, Try, and Master

To ready yourself in this journey that is about to begin, there are three things that must be kept in mind in order to make the most out of guitar playing some time in the future, and keep yourself fueled in your beginning years. Again, three things, namely: research, try, and master.

There will be several steps along the way, but for each, the three steps are necessary. Research isn’t always needed. Some people just go with their gut feeling and directly try things out and unravel discoveries.

But in a world where information, may it be from friends or the internet, are always readily available, why take the journey alone?


  • Research on what people had done about it, both experts and ordinary people.
  • Research how things tick.
  • Research the functions and differences, the dynamics that surround the mystery and challenge that guitar learning offers.

After which, try it for yourself. You might fail in one way or another. But keep trying, until you master this knowledge and skill.

Picking a Guitar

If you’re here now, you may or may not have gotten over this task. Nevertheless, it’s an important part of the journey.

Pick a guitar.

Research, trying, and

critical thinking is vital for this step. Different guitars will cater to different needs. Don’t instantly believe the “beginner” and “advance” categories that they put on guitar stores.


Instead, think of your target budget, sound, and music style when choosing guitar.

If you choose a guitar for its simplicity or complexity, time will come that you would advance. Your budget and goals are more important.

Nothing is going to be easy in learning a new skill, but you can make sure that you’re well prepared for the task and ready to face the challenges head-on.

Getting familiar with it

After picking your best bud for this journey, the next step is being familiar with it. To start smoothly and end victoriously, getting to know your guitar, its anatomy, and its capacities and limitations would allow you to maximize your potential. Be familiar with its parts, mechanisms, the difference in how different strings sound, or how each would make a different sound with different chords. Experiment with techniques too. Learn the basics, and try to explore outside of it.

Your style

Lastly, but the most crucial part of all, after knowing all these, which might take a while depending on your determination and availability.

Know your style and embrace it.

After getting your own guitar, and knowing everything about it, you’ll find things that you love. Let that be your fuel and create your own style. Your own style will not only give you an edge in guitar playing, it will make the process of learning unceasingly interesting, since you’ve branded it with something that symbolizes you and your taste.

It may seem simple in a short text, but it’s not gonna be a smooth and easy journey. There’ll be humps, but they’re meant to make you better; definitely not stop you.

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