Famous Guitar and musician clubs that could be joined in US

Music heals and could gather people together for a greater purpose. When more people gather for a specific purpose, more things are achieved.

If you are a passionate guitar strummer looking for a venue to help you enhance your strumming skills, or if you’re just looking for more people to share your overflowing thoughts, and ideas for guitar and music, here are famous organizations around US that you may check out and join.

Why join an organization?

A person may have various reasons for joining an organization, most people join organizations for apprenticeship or to meet more people in their field. Others want a venue to use their talents for humanitarian projects. It’s important to know one’s purpose and goals in joining an organizations before checking them out.

Things to consider when joining a guitar organization:

Location: Is there a branch/chapter near my place?

Guitar type: Do I want to know people who play classical or steel guitars?

Purpose: Do I want to learn more about guitars? Learn about guitar making? Use guitars for humanitarian purposes? Are there perks that I can get from joining a certain club?

Famous and existing guitar associations in US

Thereare various guitar associations in US, and these ones are famous for a reason. They are arranged according to their general purpose.


Guitarists may be playing classical or steel guitars. No matter the guitar type, here are famous organizations for the lost guitarist.

  • Guitar Foundation of America


The Guitar Foundation of America is one of the most renowned guitar organizations in the United States. It is an organization, library, publisher, and continuing education support for guitar enthusiasts around US. As mentioned, members are given access to a wide pool of information in their online resources, as well as access for funding in further studying guitar and its science.

  • Cleveland Classical Guitar Society

This serves as an educator and promoter of classical guitar art performance in and outside Cleveland. They not only offer a venue for gathering classical guitar enthusiasts, but also educate other people and promote the art of classical guitar music through free guitar classes throughout schools in the area.

  • All Frets


All Frets is also an organization based in US that has everything a guitarist could need in one place. It offers scholarships, 6 time a year publications, and annual conventions for its members.

  • Guitar Alliance

Joining guitar alliance is for guitarists of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, learn and share knowledge on guitars here. It has regular newsletters and has been running since 2001.

For a cause

Other guitar associations make use of guitar playing for humanitarian purposes.

  • Traveling Guitar Foundation


This organization believes that music is healing, and this makes is accessible for schools around US. They are a non-profit organization that supports schools’ musical programs that lack finances.

  • Guitars not Guns


Is another non-profit organization that brings guitar classes to various high-risk young communities across US. The program could be supported by donations or volunteering, and aims to eliminate violence by letting the youth shell out their feelings through guitars.

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