Ever-enduring Epiphone acoustic guitars

Have you ever heard about Epiphone acoustic guitars?

Music has been a constant part of people’s lives. It has continuously evolved and took an ever-fleeting form ever since, and Epiphone, a musical instruments brand, has continued to follow and flow with this trend for many years now. What is Epiphone?

Epiphone acoustic guitar

Epiphone is an American instrument maker that has been in the industry since 1873. It remains to be one of the enduring names in guitar brands, and a few notable musicians drawn to its soothing warm sound are Roy Orbison and Alex Lifeson.

It started with the mandolin craze in the early 1900s to jazz, pop, rnb, rock n roll, punk, grunge, and so many other musical genres that have risen from the creative minds of musicians all over the world. Genres and music styles have changed, but Epiphone remained to be a trusted name in the market. This is probably why Gibson, its owner now, let it keep its name even after its acquisition. Epiphone has developed a good musical instrument each for a genre and era, including top-class acoustic and electric guitars.

Epiphone’s first line of acoustic guitars was not introduced until 1928, with a series that was called “Recording series”. Like most of the instruments that Epiphone used to make, this acoustic guitar line is identified by labels from A-E, and was characterized by a distinct body type. In the end, the recoding series did not become a very successful series as the pioneer of Epiphone acoustic guitars, the lack of popularity is attributed to its small size and volume compared to its competitor at that time, Gibson, which later became the main owner of this enduring musical instruments brand.


After its acquisition from Gibson, Epiphone’s guitars have been patterned to be at par with Gibson’s high class guitar designs that generally had more volume and was bigger in size. In 2000, Epiphony introduced an elitist acoustic range to the market with the talent of Sir Gibson luthier Mike Voltz. Epiphone acoustic guitars were redeveloped. It featured wood of top quality, bone nuts, and hand-rubbed finish. The innovation was so good that sales soared high. Until now, only Elitist Casino and the Dwight Trash Casino is sold in the market from the Elitist series, as all the other models were discontinued in 2008. Despite this, a lot of other models are still produced by Epiphone.

  • Epiphone acoustic guitars could be generally described as visually appealing, with a design that provides great comfort for guitarists.
  • The guitars’ distinct rich warm sound is also its greatest selling point.
  • Also, epiphone acoustic guitars are generally affordable and great for starters.
  • The affordability is most probably ade possible by using wood laminates instead of solid high-quality wood. Despite the wood laminates, the sound produced is still very high-quality, without being too harsh on beginners’ budget. It’s easy to play and mostly light.

It won’t last in the market for this long if it doesn’t have superior quality and distinct features. Have you ever heard how an acoustic guitar from Epiphone sounds like?

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