Read my honest experience review on the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Natural is another star come frome big name like Jasmine. The Guitar's quality is great which companied by its reasonalbe price and that makes an incredible deal for you"

John Doe
UI/UX Designer

Review summary

Being an only child I had no one to spend my time with at home. Hence, music was my run to when I feel alone and bored. I spent most of my time learning how to play various musical instruments such as drums, flute, and my favourite the guitar.

I have to admit, I became pretty good at playing the guitar. I remember my first one was a Martin DX1. Together with that guitar I was able to perform in different gigs in our locality. That bad boy also made me famous among the women, true story.

Sadly, we had to part ways. Years of playing sweet music with my trustworthy guitar had weakened it until one day the neck just broke. I’m going to miss that guy, but as they say, all good things must come to an end.

I tried to look for the exact same model in my local guitar shop; sadly, they say that they no longer sell that model. Hence, I decided to give the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar from Amazon. So here is my personal review of the S35.

I ordered the guitar early May last year, to my surprise, the package arrived earlier than expected. I received my new guitar just a week after I order it from This is honestly one of the fastest delivery times that I have experienced from an online store.

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Upon receipt of my new guitar, I immediately took notice of the hard casing that came free with the guitar. The hard casing is one of my favourite things about the Jasmine S35.


Unlike other guitars that came with cloth, zippered casing, the one that came with the S35 was hard and professional looking.

Whenever I use the guitar case, I felt sure that my new guitar won’t be damaged while I’m travelling. The best part about it was it was free! For something that professional looking, I couldn’t believe that it was free.


Another freebie that I got when I bought my guitar was the guitar stand. It was a regular guitar stand so I can’t really say much about it, except that I got it for free. It gave me a place to display my guitar when I was not playing it; however, there was an instance that the guitar fell.

It might have been due to an imbalance in the legs of the stand, nevertheless, after a few adjustments, it never happened again.

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My experience with it

What i like

Another thing that I like about the Jasmine S35 was the shape of its body. The shape of the top and bottom curvature of the guitar made it easier and more comfortable for me when using the guitar. I am also able to rest my arm on the guitar with the uncomfortable sharp edges at the bottom of the guitar.

Regarding the string spacing of the guitar, having fingers that are wider than usual, I had a little bit of trouble having to adjust so that I do not accidentally press the wrong strings.

I had to play a few times before I was finally able to play without such errors, but I was able to adjust eventually.

When playing the Jasmine S35, I noticed that the sound coming from the guitar was louder than my previous Martin DX1. This was a big plus for me since I loved playing in front of a crowd. It played loudly without compromising the smoothness of the notes that were coming from it.


Lastly, the guitar emitted a rounder sound than usual. Hence, I was able to play songs with more clarity without any unintended vibrations. This was problem for me in other non-professional guitars.

What i don't like

Sadly, the loud sound of the guitar also gave me a small problem. Whenever, I stay in a friend’s apartment, I wasn’t allowed to play the guitar in fear of disturbing the neighbours. However, I find the guitar’s loud volume more of a pro than of a con.

Overall, the Jasmine S35 Acoustic guitar is one of the best guitars that I had ever had. IT has a great sound and I love the hard case guitar that came with it. I can honestly say that it was better than my previous Martin DX1 guitar.

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Travelling? Don’t hesitate to take this Washburn Acoustic Guitar with you!


Washburn Acoustic Guitar: Your acoustic buddy on-the-go

For most musicians, music is life. Melody and harmony in sounds is usually the source of life and motivation. What happens when you see inspiration while on the go, but you don’t have your music companion with you? It could be frustrating sometimes, it’s like having a eureka moment without a pen and paper to write it on. However, there’s a washburn acoustic guitar that’s perfect for carrying around.  It’s the Washburn RO10 rover string travel acoustic guitar: this is a 24inch guitar, that’s precisely the length of 2 rulers. As one can imagine, it’s definitely not a hassle to carry around.

From hereon, we will discuss this guitar’s highlights, features, and pros and cons. If you’re a free soul that wants to travel or you’re someone who’s usually on the go but doesn’t want to lose touch with music, or if you’re simply looking for a guitar that’s light and portable, you’re in the right place!


What this guitar is mainly made for is primarily being portable. At 24 inches and weighing at 2.4 pounds. That’s the weight of a laptop at your back! It comes with 3D rings that could be attached or clipped on to luggage and the like and could easily fit on any airline’s overhead storage.

It’s also solidly built with solid spruce top, mahogany body and neck, and a rosewood fingerboard that is binded well by washburn’s professionals. This guitar comes with great quality materials, with its 800XL strings.

Who is this perfect for?

This guitar is perfect for any person that is driven by music, or a musician/composer who constantly finds inspiration around. Conveniently bring music with you anywhere you go, may it be camping or simply an impromptu jamming session with friends, you’ll always be ready! The guitar is at your beck and call if it’s always with you.

Not only do you get to play music whenever you want to, you can also share it with others if you happen to be in the mood to do so.

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The washburn acoustic guitar RO10 is approximately 24 inches long with a nut width of 43 mm that has a total of 19 frets. The guitar itself weighs around 2.5 lbs, while the case is 4.65 lbs.

It has an adjustable truss rod and is also very space saving with its internal and external storage pockets.

Pros and Cons

Before we proceed with this guitar’s pros and cons, let’s begin by leveling expectations. As any guitar and musical instrument would be, size greatly affects a guitar’s sound and this is one factor that different people may have different preferences on. What may be a pro to some may be a con for others and vice versa. Read carefully, because after careful assessment, this might actually be what you’re looking for!


To reiterate, the Washburn RO10 is undeniably one of the best travel-sized acoustic guitars in the market. It’s the guitar’s main selling point and it’s what it is marketed for.

This guitar is also made by an established guitar brand, Washburn. The materials used are superior, and the makers really made sure that this guitar’s small size does not equate to lower quality.

This guitar sounds great! It doesn’t sound as loud as full-sized guitars, but its materials and design definitely makes a mellow soothing sound that’s surprisingly full enough, considering its size. Despite its small size, it still comes with 19 frets.

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This guitar is small, so definitely don’t make the mistake of expecting a full-sound guitar that would go well with accompaniments for public performances on its own. This is not entirely a disadvantage, but it’s worth noting.

The action on this guitar is not the best to, but this is something that is adjustable, so you may expect that once you get this.

This is durably built for travelling, but do expect that it wouldn’t always be in a pristine condition, especially if used to often, due to the fact that it could easily be brought anywhere. No problems were found on performance over time, but dents and some aesthetic blemishes definitely appear after some time. Wouldn’t that simply be a sign of a well-loved guitar?


If you’re looking for a travel guitar that’s definitely portable, there’s no question to this washburn acoustic guitar being the best in the market. However, if you have other priorities in mind, such as sound and comfort in handling, it might be worth giving this second thought and checking on more reviews.

Jasmine S34C NEX: Who says that price could be equated to sound quality?

I got my Jasmine about six months ago, when I decided to learn playing the guitar. At first, I didn’t exactly want to take this seriously. I just wanted a guitar so I could practice and learn by myself. I was set on testing the waters first and see if this is really something that I want to master.

However, I would say that your first guitar would really have a great impact on your motivation to pursue the craft or not. I realized how lucky I am to have purchased this guitar exactly, and have friends who were already playing the guitar for some time. It was, I would dare say, the perfect choice for starting guitar playing.


My friends recommended for me to change the strings the moment I purchased it, and so they helped me changed it. Voila! I have a really good-sounding guitar on my hand. It mattered a lot! It matters to hear sounds that are always music to the ears, no matter how out-of-tune or a big newbie I was on guitar playing before.

I would say that I’m still a newbie, but I certainly learned faster and guitar playing took a bigger place in my heart mostly because I was lucky to have purchased something so good for a great deal.


This Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic boasts of an advanced bracing system like no other. It is because is bracing system is shifted forward, closer to the sound hole. This is said to help produce a more vibrant and open sound with improved note details and definition.

It has a scalloped design that makes it lighter weight-wise and allows the top of the guitar to vibrate more freely, which results in really good quality sound. Sounds are well balanced and notes are thoroughly separated especially by the solid rosewood plate on the bridge.

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This guitar features a natural gloss, whose texture is leaning more towards matte. It has two options for the body (depending on weight and sound preferences) which is dreadnought and cutaway design. The cutaway is unbelievably lighter, while the sound on the dreadnought is more solid (although it comes with more weight). It is covered by a laminated spruce top with a rosewood fingerboard and sapele back and sides. As said, it also comes with an advanced “X” bracing design. It weighs a total of 5.9lbs with measurements of 18 x 8 x 48 inches.

S34-C is a very stylish orchestra-style guitar that is built to create rich and balanced sounds, all packed in a stylish cutaway style guitar for a great value. he smooth satin finish is said to maximize resonance for the best sound quality possible. Full binding could also be found on this guitar, complete with chrome tuners, synthetic bone nut and saddle, and a slim neck.Jasmine-S34C-guitar-2


I hope I don’t get across people here as someone so stingy, but the biggest pro of all for me, is the value that you get for your money.

This guitar is a really good buy for its price.

The sound is surprisingly to exceed your expectations, given its price.

It also looks nice. I am oddly appalled to glossy surfaces, and this guitar’s matte surface is simply a breath of fresh air. It looks nice and even feels nice. You can choose between the dreadnought and cutaway body, depending on your weight and sound preferences. The lighter one has a really good sound quality, but creates much softer tones than the slightly heavier dreadnought. The size is also perfect, it so far allows me to reach higher frets with much ease. The intonation is pretty okay too.

Honestly, given the price and the sound quality of this guitar, you can’t possibly go wrong. Most people purchase this guitar for being a “crash” guitar. A guitar with less value, something you can bump and drop on surfaces without feeling bad on how careless you are for something so expensive. And I would say that it would still work even if it was your primary guitar in use!


Most people would agree with me, when I say that whenever you purchase a relatively low-price guitar, invest on a good set of strings. Aside from the strings, I think the guitar is overall really good.

Given the surprisingly awesome sound quality that it gives off for its price, adding a good set of strings to the expenses still won’t cause as much as a high-end guitar.

My Review of Martin DX1AE Solid Top Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Guitar

For a fairly reasonable price, Martin DX1AE Solid Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar still manage to give you the sound experience competable with the top notch ones with much higher price. This one is the bargain you're looking for with tight budget."

Soundtricker Admin

Review Summary

Martin is a premier guitar brand name, and if you’d ask me, I’d equate the name to good sound anytime. I’ve been wanting to get one late last year, and just three months ago, my parents gave one to me as a birthday gift!

I’ve been a guitar enthusiast since high school and although I have another guitar that’s been with me for years, I’ve always really wanted to try owning a Martin acoustic guitar, and hopefully play with its good distinct sound to be inspired and create new and meaningful music.

Let me share with you my honest feelings on it first before we start with the formal review. I want a high-end guitar. My parents bought a Martin, yes, but one belonging to the lower price range.

I didn’t know how to feel about it, it’s still a Martin anyway, I was somehow disappointed because I wanted to buy one that is more high-end.

However, I would say, after 3months, I’ve learned a lot about it and I would like to share my thoughts with you. Hopefully you can share your thoughts with me too.



The guitar being made not entirely of solid wood makes it lighter and more convenient to transport from one place to another, but it’s I would say, misleadingly bad for a lot of people.


For starters, this guitar is made of solid spruce top mahogany HPL laminates, A-Frame ”X-1” for the top bracing, and Black Richlite fingerboard. A Fishman Sonitone active preamp soundhole is mounted with rotart controls. The guitar weighs 9.9lbs at 46x18x6in.

My experience with it

What i don't like

Unlike most people who get to search for reviews first before buying a new guitar, I was given this guitar first before I really got the chance to check the reviews out.

A lot of people don’t like the fact that it is partly made of laminate wood but I don’t really care much about the authenticity and solidness of wood. Although I found out that the fret board could wound your fingers if you aren’t careful.

I, luckily, haven’t experienced that first-hand yet, but I was able to come across the warning online, and I’m now passing it to you.

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Neutral points

Three months isn’t a long time, so I actually have thoughts that are on the neutral side. I don’t love it yet, and I don’t know if I hate it.

  • The sound of solid wood definitely sounds different and feels different, but the lightness and feel of the lighter laminated wood also allows the guitar player to create more diverse sounds, which I think I’m loving.
  • The resonance is unique to what I’ve been used to, and at first it felt odd but now I think I’m starting to love it.

    Just sometimes, when you get used to a solid wood guitar, you’re looking for that one sound that you can’t seem to perfectly achieve with one that is made of synthetic wood. 

What i love

Loving this guitar is somewhat a surprise to me, somehow. Of course I love it first and foremost because it’s from my parents, but there are many things that I realized after using it for three months now.

  • Despite people hating the laminated synthetic wood, this sounds like a real Martin acoustic guitar. It sounds authentic, but has a different feel to it. One of the things that I love most about this is that it’s light.
  • Also, I believe the synthetic wood is what made this Martin guitar more affordable, and isn’t that just great?

    This guitar made me realize that although I want high-end guitars, most times prices really doesn’t matter and aside from research, trying out the guitar for yourself (hopefully a couple of times and not just once) really helps.

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Overall, this guitar is actually a really good buy. It delivers good sound, and it’s a Martin. What people consider to be its weak point is actually what I think gives it an edge over other guitars too.

Review of Ibanez IJV50 Acoustic Guitar Jam Pack – a great guitar for beginners


  • One of the strongest points for this Ibanez acoustic guitar is that it’s really affordable. It’s a really good guitar especially for beginners. But some experienced ones would have different preferences.

I first got my hands on my Ibanez acoustic guitar two years ago. I paid half of it from my savings, and my parents paid for the other half. It was that year that I decided to start learning guitar playing, but I really didn’t want to spend a good amount on it yet because for one, I didn’t even know yet if I could play and secondly, I actually can’t afford a higher-end guitar even if I wanted to.

I still remember how shocked my best friend, a lead guitarist in a band, at how pleasant this sounded compared to other beginner guitars on a higher price range. It was from this same friend that I learned how to play the guitar, and I would say, I think having this guitar helped me learn well.

This guitar of mine is still working well until now, two years later, and I just wanted to share my thoughts on it after using it for two years.



This guitar really performs great for its value. It’s an excellent guitar most especially for beginners (I really have to emphasize this point again, sorry for that).


  • It has a laminated top with a body made from Agathis and the neck of rosewood. The finish looks good, I would say, with a natural finish in front and a darker mahogany color at the back.
  • The package comes with a bag, a tuner, strap, accessory pouch, a set of medium picks, and some replacement parts.

This guitar goes with these accessories


  • It weighs 8.6 lbsat 37 x 3 x 14in.

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  • What I like most about this guitar is its affordability. This really offers great value for money. Some may be disappointed with the laminated finish and some cheap accessories, like the tuner, but those are minor considerations. This might not be the best if you’re a pro with specific preferences, but beginners hit the jackpot with this one! I did!
  • With a dreadnought size, this guitar could play real loud. It’s also perfect for playing rock songs or other band genres that go well with a strong acoustic sound. I like that the most about this guitar, because this is certainly my jam. I enjoy singing classic songs from Beegees or making my own composition.
  • The guitar is also really durable and reliable, I still have it with me now. I would say that the build is really good. It won’t budge easily but of course, if you drop it a couple of times mindlessly on the floor or rough and hard surfaces, some parts may be scratched. Really tough build, but extra care won’t hurt since parts are made of laminates and not solid wood.


I like how electric guitars sound, but this is seriously a good alternative for when I just like to play guitar without the fuss of plugging electric wires.

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  • I didn’t like the strings that come with it, honestly. I used it for a good 3 mos but figured that I’d try another set and see if it would sound better, and it did! So if you’re planning to buy this guitar, make sure to check how it sounds and see for yourself if the strings fit your jam.
  • Also, it might be a con for other people, but it doesn’t really bother me. If you’re looking for more versatile sounds, I would say this isn’t the best guitar for you. Most sounds are on the strong sides and aren’t the most flexible in terms of sound range and resonance. This guitar also has high action, but I got used to it.
  • Lastly, two years ago, when I bought this, the tuner really was bad. I replaced it right away. I’m not sure if they improved it now, so it’s worth checking and preparing for. When it was already replaced, I loved it all the way. I still use the guitar until now.

But in conclusion these are all very minor and amenable. I would really say that this guitar is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Really great value for the money I paid.

Read my honest review of Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway

Review Summary:

Why this review was written?

I’ve been learning guitar playing since high school, but I’m not really on the pro-level yet. I decided to buy my very own guitar 8 months ago, and I’m writing this review just to share my thoughts on how I feel about this guitar, and what other people may like and not like about it.

Like I said, I’m no pro in playing guitars, but that was why I decided to learn more and finally buy my own guitar. My best friend, a lead guitarist/bassist/drummer in a few bands helped me choose.

Being the woman that I am who prioritizes looks above all things, it was love at first sight when I saw this all-mahogany guitar, that is: Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Usually, my friend said that mahogany creates a good finish for mellow sounds, and although this guitar only has guitar laminates, I would say that the sound crisp is even all through-out.

Although I think it would be disadvantageous to others that this is made with laminated mahogany and not solid mahogany, I’d really say it’s a good thing for me.

A dreadnought is heavy enough, I’m not sure I could carry it well if it were made of solid wood. It’s almost a year and so far, even with a dog at home and my sometimes careless attitude, no part has chipped off. The free hard shell that comes with it played a great part in helping me keep it safe.

"Here’s a summary of my thought about it after using it for almost a year, and some basic information on its structure, body size, and material for your reference."



It’s ready for being amplified with its Fishman electronics inside.

It’s in dreadnought size, perfect for people who are looking for a guitar and playing in a band at the same time.

The mahogany color is gorgeous, and the bronze strings and black pick guard, and fret neck and body perfectly complement each other design-wise.

It comes with a hard shell that fits me really well and really looks so good!

Actually, the exteriors is what really caught me off guard when I first got this. It’s just really beautiful.

TOP 5 BEST Acoustic Guitars for the money 2016




Classification of different body guitar shape

This guitar is an electric-acoustic guitar with a dreadnought body shape.

All of the materials used for it, from fret to the body, are made of gorgeous-looking and even better sounding laminated mahogany.

The neck is “C” shape with 20 frets and is 25.3 in long.

The special electronics inside it is Fishman® Isys III System with Active Onboard Preamp and Tuner,with Fender® Dura-Tone® 880L (.012-.052 Gauge) strings

Aside from being made from mahogany, the guitar has 3mm Dot Position inlays, a gold silkscreened Fender logo, with a black neck body and binding, and pickguard.

Overall it does not only sound good, but feels good and looks good for me too.


​What I like & don't like

 What I like: 

It’s not too pricey and definitely one of the most beautiful guitars I’ve ever seen.

> Great sound: The mahogany laminates really help in creating a strong mellow sounds that could be good just by itself and just as good with accompaniments from a band.

> User friendly: The built in Fishman electronics is easy to use and completely adjustable. This makes using this guitar convenient and helps in making this guitar’s capacity range really wide. Like I said, I use it solo, with the band, and with an amp! Despite its flexibility, the sound is maintained, I really like Fishman.

> Mahogany wood: It’s made of laminated mahogany wood, and the good thing is we could get the fantastic sound from a mahogany finish, without making the guitar too expensive.

This is a really good deal for beginners or people who are looking for a nice-looking guitar and are on a budget.

The guitar’s body being mahogany and the body shape being dreadnought is perfect for me. Mahogany helps give off mellow sounds, but the dreadnought is usually designed for the sound to be loud and strong. I’m really enjoying trying different music styles with this guitar.

 What I don't like: 

This works for me, but it’s only designed for right-hand users. I just wish other left-handers could use it too.

Being a dreadnought, it’s kind of on the heavy side. That’s okay, because it looks really gorgeous, but for me lighter is more portable and better.

Best Review of Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar

Have you ever heard of Yamaha FG700S,

a quite famous acoustic guitar brand?

Ah, the Yamaha FG.

 To many people, this has been the beginner’s guitar of choice – and even to some professional or amateur guitarists, this affordable (almost cheap) but reliable decades-lasting guitar makes an excellent travel guitar.

A closer look.

Yamaha is a Japanese company, and their FG series is manufactured in China – politics aside, the results are great. Chinese-built guitars are usual for entry-level guitars, but they’re usually known to last maybe four to five years, with quality ranging from pretty damn great to mediocre at best.

The FG700S belongs in the former range, with great sound quality, and a construction that has made it last decades in the hands of some of my friends.

I didn’t start with a Yamaha, neither have I owned one for very long, but I have had experience playing some of them from my friends – and there’s a reason Yamaha boasts that the FG has been their best-selling series since it was introduced in the 60s.

So let’s take a look at what’s been keeping it a success for the past half-century!
  • Features
  • BeNefits
  • As with most beginner guitars, the Yamaha sports a killer price.
  • There are guitars which are very cheap, just under 500 or under 300, but chances are you can get yourself a new FG700S for even a cheaper price somewhere on the internet.
  • But pricing isn’t what were here to discuss – it’s what the guitar really is that matters.
  • You’ll have to play it yourself to believe it, but the Yamaha FG700S sports great bright highs and heavy lows, a pleasant strum, and a composition of the regular rosewood for its fretboard (fingerboard), solid spruce wood for its top, and Chinese Nato wood for the sides and back.

Ok, let's watch this review video from another guy

about this model Yamaha FG700S - it's quite honest I think.

What I Like

  • Sturdy, affordable and versatile – it’s a beginner’s guitar, and a great one at that.
  • It’s got great sound for a guitar at its price point, and an amazing longevity at that.
  • It’s not tough to hold or play, and feels just right in the hands of most guitarists – myself included.

What I  Don't Like

  • One significant mention is the guitar’s fairly high action. It’s not high enough to warrant not considering it a great option, but it is something you should be aware of.
  • Being a beginner’s guitar, it’s lacking in the quality someone with more experience might want. While versatile, it scratches the surface of what guitars can do. 
  • It’s a standalone guitar, so you’ll have to buy yourself a case, stand, tuner, picks, extra strings and cleaning tools in the very least.


My Rating

If you’re a beginner and you’re looking for a great guitar on a budget of under $300, then this is probably one of the best choices you can make.

However pushing your budget up to $500 opens other, much better options, so it’s a matter of price and of just how committed you’ll be to playing.

It makes sense to grab an affordable guitar when you’re not sure of whether or not you’ll stick to regular playing and practicing.

Best Review of Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

Review Summary

An excellent acoustic guitar model, especially suitable for those who have large hands or who play finger style due to a slightly larger nut width.

Introduction to the Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar

High-quality Martin’s and Taylor’s out there cost an arm and a leg – a high-quality Seagull doesn’t. Meet the Seagull S6, where price and professionalism come close.

It’s made of premium woods, straight out of Canada, eco-friendly and for less than half a thousand dollars. To me, that’s about as much a steal as a heist on the Louvre.


Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

A primary reason is, quite literally, resources and production. The Seagull S6 is a solid guitar, and by that I mean that it’s well-built, long-lasting, and made of beautiful tone woods. It’s aesthetically pleasing and produces a great sound, far more than its money worth.

Is it a Martin guitar? Does it par up to a Taylor? Is it the acoustic equivalent of a Gibson Les Paul? No, no, and no. But, it comes very close to any one of these, and at a fraction – a literal fraction – of their usual prices.

The show doesn’t end there –like mentioned, Seagull guitars are eco-friendly. This might not be important to you, but it is to me.

"Irresponsible deforestation and the cutting down of exotic woods is a great issue worldwide, and demand for rare tonewoods is leading to the extinction of very precious species, while general demand for cheap wood is leading to the disappearance of forests all over the world, causing landslides, changes in weather and climate, loss of life for millions of animals and many other tragedies."

Most guitar makers say they’re making an effort towards ending these practices, but only few certify themselves as eco-friendly and get their wood from local, alternative and ample sources.

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The Seagull S6 commands a beautiful tone, matching the fact that it is, very simple, beautiful. It’s not specially-designed, it doesn’t sport an amazing color palette, and it doesn’t look like it’ll knock you off its feet – it’s got that warm cherry wood and cedar look to it, and that’s about it, but that’s all it needs. Just that simplicity alone helps convey its purity – its quality.


The cedar top is pressure-tested, which is almost as rare in a guitar at this price-point as the cherry wood is. The fretboard is a standard rosewood, but the nut and headstock make the board special in its own right, too.



Attention to detail is a factor that makes the Seagull S6 stand out, but not in a way that most people would recognize, or consider – and that is the quality of the nut and saddle.

The nut is the elevated piece of wood on the upper end of the fretboard, where the headstock begins, while the saddle is the piece of wood below the sound hole that actually holds the strings.


The significance of these two parts over other guitars is that there are differences in height and string grooves along the saddle and nut, to compensate for things such as string thickness and action and make the guitar easier to play – you’ll see this all the time with high-end acoustic guitars, but not with something under a thousand bucks, a beginner guitar especially.




  • The price is amazing for the guitar’s quality.
  • A pressure-tested cedar top and domestic cherry wood sides, grown and built in Canada, make this guitar sound amazing.
  • ​A custom, specialized nut and saddle, qualities usually only seen in far more expensive guitars.
  • ​A custom, specialized nut and saddle, qualities usually only seen in far more expensive guitars.

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  • Though a question of taste, the guitar is very plain.
  • The neck is wide, making it somewhat difficult to grip for most players who’ve had experience with thinner fretboards.
    To a beginner, however, both would be equally difficult to get used to.
  • There are cheaper beginner guitars, with far less quality but also far less required financial commitment.
    The question to this con is: will you be a committed guitarist, or are you just trying it out?


Although I hate to admit it, the guitar’s biggest benefit is price. It’s incredibly rare to find a North American-made, locally-sourced pressure-tested guitar for just about $500.

Seagull decided to build an entry-level guitar in terms of budget, but ended up making a guitar that a lot of hardcore hobbyists and professional guitarists would probably classify as ‘much more than just a beginner’s guitar’.

Honest review of Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar

Review Summary

Looking for a ridiculously affordable dreadnought by famous guitar makers Fender? I wasn’t, but I’m glad I found one – quality guitars at low prices are incredibly hard to come by, and even less so when they’re put on offer by a quality guitars at low prices.

This Squier is a beginner’s acoustic guitar, however, so a connoisseur might not be impressed with this model – but for what it’s worth, it’s a great example of what to look for when you’re first starting out, and here’s why.

Fender Squier Guitar is one of the best guitar beginners could aquire themselves with average budget. Practicing could both be easy and quality-solid with this piece of instrument."

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The Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar pack is meant for a single thing: being a beginner guitarist’s best friend.

It’s got pretty much everything you could want.

The guitar itself has a large dreadnought body, strap, book, bag, pick, a tuner, and a pitch pipe (which is strange, since a tuner is already included).

A dreadnought guitar is built for size and sound, which is why the name sounds so intimidating – it’s a reference to a type of warship, but that doesn’t mean this thing only cranks out violently loud music.

It’s great for folk or soul, and for simple open-position chords, the type you’d usually begin with when first playing the guitar.



  • Although it doesn’t come with a case, the dreadnought-style body is a common one so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one.
  • In terms of longevity, my cousin got this guitar back in 2010, and it’s still in good condition – mind you, he does take good care of his instruments.
  • Other than that, the only note I’d like to make towards this guitar is that, despite it coming with a gig bag, don’t expect to use this as a professional.
  • Even if you change the strap and the strings, this is still a beginner’s guitar, meant to be comfortable and high-quality, yet not on-par with a career guitar.
  • It does have a comfortable feel to it, and for a beginner, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal in terms of value and quality.

What I like & don't like

What I like:

The guitar is great for beginners, large and loud and available at a great price.

It’s got decent action, a nice tone, and is built with a spruce top and a laminated agathis back. Watch this video below to enjoy beautiful voice by Squier Fender.

It comes with a long list of accessories – specifically a strap, a bag, a lessons book, a tuner, guitar picks and a pitch pipe.

It’s fairly long-lived for its price tag, so it’ll last you throughout your beginning years as a guitar player.​

What I don't like:

Fender is a large company – this means getting replacement parts or otherwise contacting and going through customer service due to missing parts of the set or other issues may leave you with little hope for resolution.

It can be tough to tune, and comes with low-quality factory stock strings.

The lessons included with the set are somewhat lackluster. The bag is also practically useless – you’ll want to buy a separate dreadnought gig case if you plan to go somewhere.

You could find another, perhaps better guitar, from a lesser known brand if you went through the trouble of digging deeper in search. However, if you get this at an even more discounted price, you’ll have gotten yourself an amazing find.​



This guitar is a beginner’s set – it’ll do well for a starter, but it falls very quickly short of anything serious. The extras are mostly negligible, but they’re still a significant factor, in particular the tuner and picks.

The straps and strings are best changed out, and you’ll want a different bag as well.

The guitar’s action – meaning, the distance between the strings and the fingerboard/fretboard – isn’t too high, so you won’t have to worry too much about hurting your fingers while playing.

Squier is Fender’s brand name for beginner’s electric guitars, but this one’s a Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar made of spruce and agathis, and features a hollow body. It’s very affordable as guitars go, and you get what you paid for – and a little more in the form of a warm, bright tune.

If you know someone interested in playing the guitar, but also know that they’ve never done it, then this would be an excellent choice.

Reviews Regarding Best Acoustic Guitar under 200

Music refreshes our mind and soul. It enables us to come out of all sorts of emotional situations. Apart from providing fun and relief, playing music can also be chosen as a career. Among all the musical instruments, playing guitar has been widely recognized by many. Whether you play the same for self satisfaction or as a profession, it is recommended to give a kick start with the help of an affordable and acoustic instrument.

Expected Qualities from the Best Guitars

It is assumed by many that purchasing guitar is a big challenge due to high cost. But in real life, when it comes to the case of best acoustic guitar under 200, they can be easily bought by almost all. A wide and variable range is available within the market to serve the best purpose! It is recommended to choose the acoustic guitars as it holds some recognized benefits which include:

  • Portability
  • Sound Quality
  • Performance
  • Playing Level
  • Finger Correction

Reviews Regarding Various Categories of Guitars

On the basis of the following benefits, some of the special guitars have been categorized under best acoustic guitar under 200 whose reviews can be crystal clearly stated as under:

Best Acoustic Guitar under 200

The DR-100 has been among one of the best selling acoustic guitars with respect to look, quality and sound. The balanced sound implies that at any volume it can be heard by anyone. Manufactured with the help of Mahogany and carved rosewood, it can be expected to be long lasting and perfect complement. The vintage style     can be easily recognized by the viewer!

Available in the shape of Slim Taper shape and rosewood fingerboard embedded with dot fretted markers. Also available in Natural, Vintage, Vintage and Ebony finishes. It can be expected to be worth than money! You can easily recommend the same to the beginners as it can be easily chorded. Even the bridge pins are rigid enough to come out easily hence preventing destruction.

Best Acoustic Guitar under 200

The RA-90 dreadnought Acoustic guitar got its deal from Rogue. If you are among the young musicians looking forward to build your career in guitar playing, then   it will be an ideal instrument. With the incorporation of depth in body and proper width, you can expect balanced tone to come out of balanced tone along with plenty of projection across the room.

The whitewood body being featured by the ultra affordable piece of instrument will definitely bring out lots of mid range punch. You may also expect clarity of note at each and every point. Available in a wide range of colors to choose from! It can be taken anywhere as desired anytime.

Best Acoustic Guitar under 200

The newly manufactured FA-100 Fender Dreadnought Acoustic can be expected to offer fender sound greatly along with some tremendous values. Rich sound along with padded gig bag is included. This enables easy transportation and further protection. Spruce top with full and resonant sound, bind body, shape similar to headstock are some salient features.

You must be wondering about the exclusive and distinguished features about the Fender FA-100 guitar. Rite!  The features included are pick guard, compensated saddle, strap button forwarded, reinforcement of the internal block, chrome hardware, smooth playing fingerboard are some of the distinguished features.

It must be noted that the acoustic guitars are one of the most popular guitars embedded with some better qualities. It may be that you know the musical skills in a more beer way than others. But it is not justified to spend lots and lots of money each and every time for purchasing a high quality instrument.

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