Fender, Yamaha, and Seagull: comparing the three acoustic guitar brands


Fender, Yamaha, Seagull procude some of the most wanted and popular product lines on the market. Each of these companies tries to aim to a specific crowd for their guitars, so it's highly important that you can identify which crow you belong to and pick for yourself the most suitable guitar brand."

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Buying an acoustic guitar that best suits you is not that easy whether you’re a beginner or an experienced guitarist. There are plenty of guitar brands right now in the market, all claiming to have the best sound and quality. Some of these brands that are well known for their acoustic guitars are: Fender, Yamaha, and Seagull.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and even has unique attributes. Made and manufactured by different company owners in different countries, each has attributes that reflect its manufacturer’s vision and goals.


Some put more attention to quality, research, and design, while others put more attention to price. Let’s get a closer look at these three brands.

Overall look into the three popular acoustic guitar brands


Fender is one of the most popular brands in the world of guitars but most especially in terms of its electric guitars showcasing the highly acclaimed Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, Mustang, and many more.

On the other hand, they do not pay much attention on the quality and sound when it comes to acoustic guitars unlike with their popular electric guitars.

When it comes to quality, sometimes the owners of Fender acoustic guitars spend more money fixing issues on the guitar than the guitar itself. One of the reasons why a lot complain about the quality of the guitars is that the guitars are factory made.

They make the guitars on a different country and then they ship it to the US, which may help Fender save more money in producing the guitars but at the same time it is one of the reasons why the quality not as high as the others.

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One of the advantages of Fender acoustic guitars is that it is reasonably priced, although it will not do well if you compare it with other guitars on the market at the same price range. For example, Fender’s CD280S Dreadnought has a solid spruce top but the quality of the spruce wood is mediocre if you compare it with other spruce top acoustic guitars.

The fine details on the construction are not that detailed like the edging for example. There are guitars on the same price range that will have richer sound and better playability.


Yamaha is a company that has a wide range of musical instruments that their music division produces, and acoustic guitars is just one of the many. Aside from being the largest manufacturer of musical instruments in Japan, they are also a frontrunner in home appliances, furniture, motorcycles and many more.

Yamaha pays great attention to an acoustic guitar’s playability. The body’s shape and dimensions are well calculated, wood is carefully picked, and varied bracing patterns are used for each guitar series.

Yamaha is very transparent on their efforts to really make use of the best wood, materials, shape, and structure, for their guitars. They invest in research and material optimization to deliver their users’ needs.

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Due to careful research, different Yamaha models may specifically cater to a very specific crowd or variety; which may sometimes be a strength or a limitation. It is important for one to carefully examine a Yamaha acoustic guitar before purchasing. At times, it could even be best to try out other Yamaha models if one doesn’t suit your taste.


Seagull is manufactured under Godin, from Canada. It is easy to recognize with a headstock that places tuners in line with the nut to deliver better stability. Seagull guitars pay a lot of attention to creating guitars that are versatile and comfortable to suit various kinds of styles and users.

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Recently, they manufactured guitar designs that has a thinner and lightly braced body, as compared to typical flat top guitars that usually encounter problems with sinking sound holes. It is said that they have worked on this new shape for decades.

However, like before, the company still keeps its distinctive cherry color, a solid top, and the unique headstock.

Seagull proudly puts emphasis on stepping the game up in guitar manufacturing as it strives to provide higher quality guitars without the burden of a high price. Most seagull owners are very pleased by how these guitars sound, but a few comments from here and there point out that the guitar’s surface gets easily scratched. To most, however, this is not a drawback.

Best Review of Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

Review Summary

An excellent acoustic guitar model, especially suitable for those who have large hands or who play finger style due to a slightly larger nut width.

Introduction to the Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar

High-quality Martin’s and Taylor’s out there cost an arm and a leg – a high-quality Seagull doesn’t. Meet the Seagull S6, where price and professionalism come close.

It’s made of premium woods, straight out of Canada, eco-friendly and for less than half a thousand dollars. To me, that’s about as much a steal as a heist on the Louvre.


Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

A primary reason is, quite literally, resources and production. The Seagull S6 is a solid guitar, and by that I mean that it’s well-built, long-lasting, and made of beautiful tone woods. It’s aesthetically pleasing and produces a great sound, far more than its money worth.

Is it a Martin guitar? Does it par up to a Taylor? Is it the acoustic equivalent of a Gibson Les Paul? No, no, and no. But, it comes very close to any one of these, and at a fraction – a literal fraction – of their usual prices.

The show doesn’t end there –like mentioned, Seagull guitars are eco-friendly. This might not be important to you, but it is to me.

"Irresponsible deforestation and the cutting down of exotic woods is a great issue worldwide, and demand for rare tonewoods is leading to the extinction of very precious species, while general demand for cheap wood is leading to the disappearance of forests all over the world, causing landslides, changes in weather and climate, loss of life for millions of animals and many other tragedies."

Most guitar makers say they’re making an effort towards ending these practices, but only few certify themselves as eco-friendly and get their wood from local, alternative and ample sources.

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The Seagull S6 commands a beautiful tone, matching the fact that it is, very simple, beautiful. It’s not specially-designed, it doesn’t sport an amazing color palette, and it doesn’t look like it’ll knock you off its feet – it’s got that warm cherry wood and cedar look to it, and that’s about it, but that’s all it needs. Just that simplicity alone helps convey its purity – its quality.


The cedar top is pressure-tested, which is almost as rare in a guitar at this price-point as the cherry wood is. The fretboard is a standard rosewood, but the nut and headstock make the board special in its own right, too.



Attention to detail is a factor that makes the Seagull S6 stand out, but not in a way that most people would recognize, or consider – and that is the quality of the nut and saddle.

The nut is the elevated piece of wood on the upper end of the fretboard, where the headstock begins, while the saddle is the piece of wood below the sound hole that actually holds the strings.


The significance of these two parts over other guitars is that there are differences in height and string grooves along the saddle and nut, to compensate for things such as string thickness and action and make the guitar easier to play – you’ll see this all the time with high-end acoustic guitars, but not with something under a thousand bucks, a beginner guitar especially.




  • The price is amazing for the guitar’s quality.
  • A pressure-tested cedar top and domestic cherry wood sides, grown and built in Canada, make this guitar sound amazing.
  • ​A custom, specialized nut and saddle, qualities usually only seen in far more expensive guitars.
  • ​A custom, specialized nut and saddle, qualities usually only seen in far more expensive guitars.

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  • Though a question of taste, the guitar is very plain.
  • The neck is wide, making it somewhat difficult to grip for most players who’ve had experience with thinner fretboards.
    To a beginner, however, both would be equally difficult to get used to.
  • There are cheaper beginner guitars, with far less quality but also far less required financial commitment.
    The question to this con is: will you be a committed guitarist, or are you just trying it out?


Although I hate to admit it, the guitar’s biggest benefit is price. It’s incredibly rare to find a North American-made, locally-sourced pressure-tested guitar for just about $500.

Seagull decided to build an entry-level guitar in terms of budget, but ended up making a guitar that a lot of hardcore hobbyists and professional guitarists would probably classify as ‘much more than just a beginner’s guitar’.

The History of the Gibson Acoustic Guitar

Everyone knows about the Gibson Guitar Corporation. They’re the producers of some of the best, and most historic guitars in the world – I mean, everyone’s seen a Gibson acoustic guitar. It’s a household name for guitarists, famous or trying to be, and the company’s story started over a century ago.


Before the production of the guitar, Gibson started out as a business venture by Orville Gibson, who patented a mandolin with mass-production capabilities. Along with other designs, he made a buck specifically off of the Italian instrument – but upon his death in the late 1910s, the company was in dire need of some updated merchandise.

Over the next two decades, Gibson expanded into the world of electric guitars, banjos and mandolins, but production and innovation came to a slowdown when the company had to face the realities of the Second World War, and the shortage it produced in metal and wood. As workers became soldiers, the company turned to women to produce some 25,000 guitars.

The post-war era then immediately lead into the creation of Gibson’s most iconic design line thanks to the acquisition of Ted McCarty, whose work with Les Paul led to the eponymous Les Paul guitars, and the bombed, yet still iconic Flying V and Explorer guitars, which angled for that craved “modernistic” look that just… didn’t really cut it with audiences and musicians at the time.

The company fell into a rare, and hopefully quickly forgotten quality slump after its parent company was taken over, but since returning to the spotlight with the same extremely high-quality as ever, Gibson has managed to retain its name and reputation as one of, if not the biggest and best producer of acoustic and electric guitars alike.


Just ask legends like Frank Zappa, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton, all of which used Gibson guitars – it certainly didn’t hurt their careers.

121 years past its founding, the Gibson Guitar Corporation certainly has gained one thing – a flair for excellence and extravagance. One set of three high-quality, absolutely stunningly beautiful anniversary mandolins costs a tremendous $60,000. A nigh-on ridiculous fee, but not for the connoisseur (who might just happen to have way too much money). Another example is a Gibson acoustic guitar coming in at $4,999; or, for an extra $5,000 at $9,999, the same guitar but with Bob Dylan’s own personal autograph on it.

But there’s something else that sets the Gibson acoustic guitar apart from the products of most other manufacturers, and from Gibson’s own electric guitars. And that is an absolutely guaranteed reputation. Aside from countless celebrity endorsements by guitarists whose skill and fame have made them godlike in the eyes of fans, Gibson’s rich history and prices demand the respect of millions, who rightfully commend the company on its continued devotion to the art of guitar making, and to the customers who indulge and honor that art with their musical skill and creative innovation.

Top 5 best Acoustic Guitar Brands Worldwide

Playing music is considered to be a good hobby! It refreshes our soul and mind hence reenergizing to carry forward the left time in a fruitful manner.

You must know that the songs we hear every day will definitely remain incomplete without proper music. It will instead prove to be an irritating issue!

Playing guitars - Promised bright career

Apart from choosing it a time pass, many have adopted playing music as a bright career. Many have gained high reputation in this field. It must be noted that we need each and everything to get a complete successful output.

Among all the instruments, guitars have been recognized to be the most demanding and popular one.


In order to get the best output, it is mandatory to have branded and renowned material. Also, the cost must be kept in due concern! Spending a high amount of money is always not possible as we cannot predict everything in advance.

In order to learn about the best and high acoustic guitar brands in the market, you may easily browse the internet, acoustic magazines and familiarity with the latest releases.

Best regconized guitar brands

But there may be cases when the top rated may not always be suitable for you! In order to get the most suitable list, you must have a brief idea regarding some of the most popular and commonly known brands. This will enable you to decide the best! Some of the recognized and best acoustic guitar brands include:


It is a corporation of Japan. Yamaha became one of the major suppliers of acoustic guitars in the whole world. It has also gained immense popularity in the line of musical instruments and at present is at the top position.


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The materials are manufactured by utilizing the finest quality of selected woods. It also holds traditional craftsmanship altogether with subtle and new finishing in the construction. It is also well known to follow all the conditions associated with that of wood technology.

If you choose acoustic guitars produced by Yamaha, you will be at the right place as the products manufactured are in good quality along with creating a pleasant sound.


Next comes the turn of legendary Fender Acoustic guitars! The Fender acoustic guitars have been considered to be some of the standard products among all. It is legendary in its own way for right quality and playability.

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The acoustic guitars manufactured by Fender is simply classic in design which has remained virtually unchanged for more than fifty years. Manufactured by utilizing premium and proper dried woods, the models of the guitar are available in the form of hand built through the supervision of skilled and experienced craftsmanship.


The craftsmen painstakingly handpicked each and every piece of lumber of lumber with patience. No doubt regarding quality! You can easily expect an unmatched tonal quality.


The Gibson Corporation has highly contributed in the manufacturing of Epiphone acoustic guitar. It is fortunate to hear that the price range has been kept as medium which can be easily beard by people of all classes.


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Even the sound quality of the Epiphone guitar is also incomparable and awesome. The bridge and fingerboard are made of rosewood which enables easy playing by more than one at a single time. That too with ease and comfort!



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Seagull guitars are among the hand crafted guitars. Rich sound quality, dynamic range and better sound are some salient features! Smooth sensation with identical denseness is an incredible feature. Recognized Seagull guitars include Original S6 Cedar, Entourage Rustic S6 and CW QI.



The Taylor guitars apart from being expensive are popularly known to produce exceptional sound quality. The best wood is utilized for the manufacturing in order to produce best sound quality. If you desire to have fine tune, then Taylor Baby Spruce BT1 and Taylor Baby Mahogany BT2 will be the best!

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Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Reviews

What You Should Khow About Yamaha

Brief discription

Perhaps there is no second company that produces from motors to musical instruments. I personally respect the huge range of products that Yamaha provides.

In some countries that use motorbikes as the main vehicles, when talking about Yamaha, people usually think of motors or marine motors, but Yamaha means much more than that.

The Yamaha Corporation of America, AV Division, offers a comprehensive line of audio products to the US market, including AV receivers, amplifiers, Blu-ray/CD players, iPod docking systems, headphones, home-theater-in-a-box systems, sound bars and its exclusive line of Digital Sound Projectors.

Yamaha's acoustic instruments are considered a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern music technology.

Main product lines

Although focusing on a plenty of different products, Yamaha still remain popular in the acoustic guitar markets. There are 4 series of Yamaha acoustic guitar: FG, FS, F and L.

1. FG series

The best-selling acoustic guitars of all time. Millions of musicians have been using the Yamaha FGs as the perfect tool to express their music for over 50 years. FG guitars are respected because of their dependability, playability and value.

2. FS series

The top-quality woods, finest craftsmanship and smaller classic style body make the FS guitars nice alternatives to the FGs which have larger body. Precise, smooth response and a sweet, focused tone make this a great choice for recording or fingerpicking

3. F series 

The number 1 choice for experiencing music. Perfect for beginners and seasoned players as well

4. L series 

Where art and craftsmanship become one. Handcrafted from the finest materials by a select group of master craftsmen, each guitar is a work of art

Top Rated Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Reviews

The following models are the best Yamaha acoustic guitars rated by customers worldwide:


Yamaha FG700S Folk Acoustic Guitar

This is the first acoustic guitar model that is recommended for beginner.

It's the first model in the Yamaha FG series that have been around for more than 50 years.

The FG series is a perfect example of the unique combination of classical design and modern guitar building technique.

They focus on the goal of creating great tone and an outstanding playing experience.

The FGs are the choice of many famous guitar players.

The FG700S consists of solid sitka spruce top, rosewood fingerboard and die-cast tuners. It features black-and-white body binding and tortoise pickguard. Watch the following video to see the it in action and check the sound and tone

There are some great points that I personally like in this model:

  • It has a left-handed version
  • It's one of the most affordable acoustic guitar with good sound

The FG700S Bundle includes FG700S guitar, Hard Case, Stand, Strap, Tuner, Strings, Picks, Capo, Winder & DVD


Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar, Natural

Another FG guitar that is suitable for all levels of guitar player. It's made of Solid Sitka Spruce Top, Rosewood Fingerboard, Bound Headstock, Rosewood Back and Sides

 Tone:  The FG730S plays nice traditional dreadnought tones. Its tones are not as dark as Gibson guitars, not as so bright as Taylor's, just really beautifully balanced.

 Playability: The setup and fret job are quite great. It may not be as polished as more advanced guitars, but there is no complaints received at all. The rosewood fretboard is pretty slick as well.

 Construction:  The neck and body are solid and the bracing is basic, but solid. The neck construction is relatively stable. It would be much better with a second strap button.


Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Natural

As said above, the F series is considered best choice to experience music.

F335 is one of the best acoustic guitar under $200.

This classic dreadnought features a good laminate spruce top, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and tortoise shell pickguard.

The back and sides are made of Meranti, a light but hard wood grown mainly in the South-east Asia. Gold die-cast tuners offer smooth and accurate tunings.

According for customer reviews, this model is perfect for beginner to intermediate players, the #1 choice for traveling and ideal as a gift.

It's affordable and worth every pennies.

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