What’s Right For Me? Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

Start out right by choosing the perfect guitar.

Are you just about to start learning how to play the guitar? If you are, then you must be on the look out for your first ever guitar. The guitar is a popular choice for a musical instrument. Its versatility, portability, and popularity make it a great instrument for basically anybody who wants to learn more about it! What kind of guitar should you get though? Read more and deciding might just be made easier for you!

However, as versatile as a guitar could be, it has developed many variations over the years. Different kinds of guitars vary in size, composition, structure, and so much more! There are just so many kinds of guitars. Could you think of ones that you’ve encountered so far?

Two of the most popular guitar variations are the acoustic and electric guitars. What do you think is better?

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars have built-in pickups that convert string vibrations to electrical signals for amplifications.


  • Why is this a good choice?

Electric guitars are said to be good especially for beginners, because it is more forgiving towards mistakes. It could also come with effects and distortion could make you sound better. Electric guitars also come with lighter strings that are easier to play.

  • What are its drawbacks?

However, an electric guitar needs an amplifier. So most of the time, depending on your budget, you could get an average electric guitar with an average amplifier, when you could’ve bought a mid-range acoustic guitar with greater quality. Also, although effects could be fun and sound good, it could distract you from truly learning how to play the guitar well and good.


Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars on the other hand, do not require electrical amplification. They have a hollow body that amplifies the vibrations of strings.

  • Why is this a good choice?

Although acoustic guitars have heavier strings that could be harder to play, a lot of guitarists say that this is actually a good foundation for building stronger hands and fingers for better playing in the long run. It can also be played anytime and basically anywhere. It does not require an amplifier and a set-up. Just bring it and play! That’s perfect for practicing more often!

  • What are its drawbacks?

Acoustic guitars have the tendency to be discouraging for the weak-hearted. As a beginner, you won’t be a perfect player from the start. You’ll make mistakes, and these are easier to distinguish with an acoustic guitar that has no effects or whatsoever.

What’s best for you?

Ultimately, it would depend on the quality and features that you want on your guitar. Aside from what we mentioned, acoustic and electric guitars have distinct sounds that are better for some genres. What do you like better? Do you need to play well instantly? The Electric guitar might be a good choice for this. Do you really want to start from scratch and learn the very basics? The acoustic could be great! This isn’t going to be your final guitar, along the way, you’ll buy or trade it for another guitar. But your first guitar matters a lot on how you could maintain your interest in music and the instrument. We hope this helped you decide!

My Review of Martin DX1AE Solid Top Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Guitar

For a fairly reasonable price, Martin DX1AE Solid Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar still manage to give you the sound experience competable with the top notch ones with much higher price. This one is the bargain you're looking for with tight budget."

Soundtricker Admin

Review Summary

Martin is a premier guitar brand name, and if you’d ask me, I’d equate the name to good sound anytime. I’ve been wanting to get one late last year, and just three months ago, my parents gave one to me as a birthday gift!

I’ve been a guitar enthusiast since high school and although I have another guitar that’s been with me for years, I’ve always really wanted to try owning a Martin acoustic guitar, and hopefully play with its good distinct sound to be inspired and create new and meaningful music.

Let me share with you my honest feelings on it first before we start with the formal review. I want a high-end guitar. My parents bought a Martin, yes, but one belonging to the lower price range.

I didn’t know how to feel about it, it’s still a Martin anyway, I was somehow disappointed because I wanted to buy one that is more high-end.

However, I would say, after 3months, I’ve learned a lot about it and I would like to share my thoughts with you. Hopefully you can share your thoughts with me too.



The guitar being made not entirely of solid wood makes it lighter and more convenient to transport from one place to another, but it’s I would say, misleadingly bad for a lot of people.


For starters, this guitar is made of solid spruce top mahogany HPL laminates, A-Frame ”X-1” for the top bracing, and Black Richlite fingerboard. A Fishman Sonitone active preamp soundhole is mounted with rotart controls. The guitar weighs 9.9lbs at 46x18x6in.

My experience with it

What i don't like

Unlike most people who get to search for reviews first before buying a new guitar, I was given this guitar first before I really got the chance to check the reviews out.

A lot of people don’t like the fact that it is partly made of laminate wood but I don’t really care much about the authenticity and solidness of wood. Although I found out that the fret board could wound your fingers if you aren’t careful.

I, luckily, haven’t experienced that first-hand yet, but I was able to come across the warning online, and I’m now passing it to you.

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Neutral points

Three months isn’t a long time, so I actually have thoughts that are on the neutral side. I don’t love it yet, and I don’t know if I hate it.

  • The sound of solid wood definitely sounds different and feels different, but the lightness and feel of the lighter laminated wood also allows the guitar player to create more diverse sounds, which I think I’m loving.
  • The resonance is unique to what I’ve been used to, and at first it felt odd but now I think I’m starting to love it.

    Just sometimes, when you get used to a solid wood guitar, you’re looking for that one sound that you can’t seem to perfectly achieve with one that is made of synthetic wood. 

What i love

Loving this guitar is somewhat a surprise to me, somehow. Of course I love it first and foremost because it’s from my parents, but there are many things that I realized after using it for three months now.

  • Despite people hating the laminated synthetic wood, this sounds like a real Martin acoustic guitar. It sounds authentic, but has a different feel to it. One of the things that I love most about this is that it’s light.
  • Also, I believe the synthetic wood is what made this Martin guitar more affordable, and isn’t that just great?

    This guitar made me realize that although I want high-end guitars, most times prices really doesn’t matter and aside from research, trying out the guitar for yourself (hopefully a couple of times and not just once) really helps.

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Overall, this guitar is actually a really good buy. It delivers good sound, and it’s a Martin. What people consider to be its weak point is actually what I think gives it an edge over other guitars too.

Read my honest review of Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway

Review Summary:

Why this review was written?

I’ve been learning guitar playing since high school, but I’m not really on the pro-level yet. I decided to buy my very own guitar 8 months ago, and I’m writing this review just to share my thoughts on how I feel about this guitar, and what other people may like and not like about it.

Like I said, I’m no pro in playing guitars, but that was why I decided to learn more and finally buy my own guitar. My best friend, a lead guitarist/bassist/drummer in a few bands helped me choose.

Being the woman that I am who prioritizes looks above all things, it was love at first sight when I saw this all-mahogany guitar, that is: Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Usually, my friend said that mahogany creates a good finish for mellow sounds, and although this guitar only has guitar laminates, I would say that the sound crisp is even all through-out.

Although I think it would be disadvantageous to others that this is made with laminated mahogany and not solid mahogany, I’d really say it’s a good thing for me.

A dreadnought is heavy enough, I’m not sure I could carry it well if it were made of solid wood. It’s almost a year and so far, even with a dog at home and my sometimes careless attitude, no part has chipped off. The free hard shell that comes with it played a great part in helping me keep it safe.

"Here’s a summary of my thought about it after using it for almost a year, and some basic information on its structure, body size, and material for your reference."



It’s ready for being amplified with its Fishman electronics inside.

It’s in dreadnought size, perfect for people who are looking for a guitar and playing in a band at the same time.

The mahogany color is gorgeous, and the bronze strings and black pick guard, and fret neck and body perfectly complement each other design-wise.

It comes with a hard shell that fits me really well and really looks so good!

Actually, the exteriors is what really caught me off guard when I first got this. It’s just really beautiful.

TOP 5 BEST Acoustic Guitars for the money 2016




Classification of different body guitar shape

This guitar is an electric-acoustic guitar with a dreadnought body shape.

All of the materials used for it, from fret to the body, are made of gorgeous-looking and even better sounding laminated mahogany.

The neck is “C” shape with 20 frets and is 25.3 in long.

The special electronics inside it is Fishman® Isys III System with Active Onboard Preamp and Tuner,with Fender® Dura-Tone® 880L (.012-.052 Gauge) strings

Aside from being made from mahogany, the guitar has 3mm Dot Position inlays, a gold silkscreened Fender logo, with a black neck body and binding, and pickguard.

Overall it does not only sound good, but feels good and looks good for me too.


​What I like & don't like

 What I like: 

It’s not too pricey and definitely one of the most beautiful guitars I’ve ever seen.

> Great sound: The mahogany laminates really help in creating a strong mellow sounds that could be good just by itself and just as good with accompaniments from a band.

> User friendly: The built in Fishman electronics is easy to use and completely adjustable. This makes using this guitar convenient and helps in making this guitar’s capacity range really wide. Like I said, I use it solo, with the band, and with an amp! Despite its flexibility, the sound is maintained, I really like Fishman.

> Mahogany wood: It’s made of laminated mahogany wood, and the good thing is we could get the fantastic sound from a mahogany finish, without making the guitar too expensive.

This is a really good deal for beginners or people who are looking for a nice-looking guitar and are on a budget.

The guitar’s body being mahogany and the body shape being dreadnought is perfect for me. Mahogany helps give off mellow sounds, but the dreadnought is usually designed for the sound to be loud and strong. I’m really enjoying trying different music styles with this guitar.

 What I don't like: 

This works for me, but it’s only designed for right-hand users. I just wish other left-handers could use it too.

Being a dreadnought, it’s kind of on the heavy side. That’s okay, because it looks really gorgeous, but for me lighter is more portable and better.

What is an Electric Acoustic Guitar?

It may sound like a massive contradiction, but an electric-acoustic guitar is an acoustic guitar – with electronic add-ons. To be precise, the most common changes include magnetic pickups and a microphone.

The whole point, of course, is to modularly amplify the sound of an acoustic guitar without requiring an electric guitar in its stead. However, it started out as a method to amplify sound before the electric guitar was ever really a thing.


It all started with the musical conquest for more oomph, the quest for more noise, and the beckoning of louder music. This stretches far back to pre-World War times – and I mean pre-World War I. Musical geniuses and innovators, on this noble search, filed patents as far back as 1910 for ingenious solutions to louder, electronic music. Their solution? Telephone transmitters. Banjos and violins were first subjected to these experiments, and the results, well. They started something, that’s for sure.

The way an electronic pickup functions is that it literally “picks up” vibrations from a certain point of a guitar’s fingerboard, and then transmits these to a speaker source that plays them on a louder format, doing away with the interiors of the guitar and allowing for a solid form – but in the past, microphones were used near to the neck and case for the same effect.

In the 1920s, however, hobbyists began using carbon button microphones and other techniques to try and minimize the load and maximize the volume – it didn’t quite work out until the 1940s, when jazz guitars were built specifically with pickups. Jazz later gave birth to full electric guitars, but that’s not the point.

Some people just like the feel of a great acoustic guitar, but with the flexibility and freedom to make some noise.

The electric acoustic guitar, or the electric-acoustic guitar – or in some cases, the ­semi-acoustic guitar – isn’t exactly a niche guitar, despite being caught between the classic and pure sound of an acoustic guitar, and the innovative machinations of today’s cutting-edge electric models. It’s actually an incredibly common tool, and for a simple purpose – guitarists need to be heard at concerts.

They’re simply indispensable to the modern band guitarist, from folk, country and jazz to hard rock. Versatility is another key. The only real restrictions in electric acoustic guitars are the way in which they’re electronically-aided. There are two main types of pickups – magnetic ones, which pick up vibrations from steel or other metallic strings, and piezoelectric pickups, which pick up the vibrations of non-metallic strings (like nylon). You can guess what magnetism is, but piezoelectricity is a bit tougher to tackle. Imagine pressing onto a rock with a lot of force. It’s been found that when you do that, you store a bit of electrical charge in that rock. That principle of force is applied in the piezoelectric pickups.


But, when an electric acoustic guitar isn’t using pickups, it’s using a microphone. Microphones are much simpler, as you can imagine – they’re mounted within the guitar, picking up the unadulterated vibrations of the instrument, and then sending that info straight to a speaker through its cable.

East or West – Electric Guitars under 500 are Best

We all know that guitar is the most popular and known musical instrument which is played for all kinds of music including rock, country, lounge, pop as well as contemporary classical music. You will hear a pleasing sound as soon as you pluck the strings of an electric guitar. It consists of a lot of knobs to be dealt with due to which it can be used as a normal guitar as well.

Acoustic Electric Guitar

In general an acoustic guitar is hollow with a round and sound hole in the face. It is manufactured by using mostly wood and comprises of six strings to produce sweet, rhythmic, musical and loud sound. It can be used in both the ways, i.e., by plugging and without plugging. The strings can expect to be soft and easy to press! While purchasing, if you go on for in depth counseling, then definitely you will see that the electric guitar will surely take a higher degree.

best acoustic electric guitar under 500

Top Selected Acoustic Electric Guitar under 500

If you want to know some of the best acoustic electric guitar under 500 then you must know about the following varieties of guitars:

1/ Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar, Ebony

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar, Ebony under 500The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar is such an electric guitar which is believed to deliver signature sound. That too at a fraction of cost! The body manufactured by utilizing mahogany is considered to provide superb resonance. On the other hand, the Alnico classic hum bucker pickups deliver loads of warmth as required.

The binding of the neck and body along with inlays made of trapezoid produce classic look that can be fully appreciated on the stage world for several decades. The neck manufactured by utilizing mahogany along with slim tapered profile gives familiar feeling with fast action. The music that comes out will be definitely appreciated!

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2/ Traveler Guitar Speedster Electric Travel Guitar, Gloss Black

Traveler Guitar Speedster Electric Travel Guitar, Gloss Black under 500The Traveler Guitar Speedster Electric Travel Guitar is the best choice for a rocker on the run. It is also known to sport a modern retro look which is specifically designed for high output dual rail pickup. With a unique roller style bridge including volume and tone controls, it has proved to be exceptional. The boasting of quality chrome hardware along with rosewood fret board and scale are essential features.

Also the upper arm is detailed for travel! It will be available inclusion of gig bag along with good warranty period. If you have no time to approach the retail shops, you can easily approach thee online web portals.

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3/ Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 Electric Guitar, Wine Red

Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 Electric Guitar, Wine Red under 500The Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 Electric Guitar is modeled in a classic Riviera style. Introduced in 1960, it comprises of a semi hollow design which has led to immense popularity among all. Due to legendary design, it has been possible to produce great desired tones with any pickup variation. Some of the specialty in the designs includes ES-style body; stunning gold hardware makes it truly an exceptional instrument.

As it has been successful enough in producing punch and great tone, it has gained popularity among almost all. This particular electric acoustic guitar uses three Epiphone Dogear pickups. It also features Bigsby B70 tremolos.

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4/ Yamaha FGX730SC Acoustic Electric Guitar, Black

Yamaha electric guitar under 500   The Yamaha FGX730SC Acoustic Electric Guitar has been introduced into the market for special recognized purposes! It has been constructed by utilizing the solid Sitka spruce for top, neck comprising of reverse-L block, X-bracing with non scallop style. The tuners are manufactured using Diecast chrome.

Apart from all those features mentioned above, it comprises of Rosewood fingerboard as well as bridge. Even the back and sides are made up of Rosewood. The cutaway design of the body along with ART1 way system has made it special and exceptional.

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Extremely High Profile Acoustic Electric Guitars under $300

If you are serious enough in building a career in the field of instrumentalist, then it will be a good idea to choose playing acoustic electric guitars. Guitar playing has been known since times and is almost known by many! But in case anybody wants to build a soothing career, he must opt for electric acoustic guitar.

Prior Knowledge Regarding Purchase of Guitar

Before purchasing, it is better to have some brief knowledge regarding the same. Whenever you play a musical instrument, you will definitely expect a sweet and soothing voice as the outcome result. In the same way, while playing of the electric acoustic guitar you will be applauded by the sound produced.

best acoustic electric guitar under 300

Being incorporated with knobs you can convert one effect from the other to deal with various required situations. Even you will be surprised to know that as the name suggests, it is not at all a challenging task to play the instrument. Instead it is easy enough! If you have any future plan regarding purchase of guitar to build a career in the world of guitarist, it will be better to go for electric acoustic.

Enjoy Values Associated with Electric Guitars

With the help of the same you will be able to enjoy the values associated with both an electric and acoustic guitar. It can be easily played in both manual as well as electric forms. It must be noted that if the guitar is not in a plugged position, then it will produce the sound similar to an acoustic guitar. On the other hand, when it is plugged with the appropriate adjustments, it will definitely produce the sound of an electric acoustic.

This multipurpose feature makes the acoustic electric guitar a distinguished feature in the market of guitar. This fact must be kept in due consideration whenever purchasing a new instrument. Otherwise, chances exist to bear loss!

Types of Acoustic Guitars under 300

Among all the different types of guitars available in the market, some of the best acoustic electric guitar under 300 has been categorized as under:

1. Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Hard Case

best acoustic electric guitar under 300The Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar is one of the best and popular selling guitars available. It holds the body manufactured by using Mahogany wood which provides a sweet mellowing tone. The recent features as per updates of technology include black pick guard, pear acrylic rosette design, newly compressive bridge design, small dotted finger inlays of 3 mm diameter and white bridge pins with black dots.Other features include scalloped X bracing, black body binding, 20 fret fingerboard, dual action truss rod, die cast tuners, and Fishman Electronics.

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2. Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Electric Guitar, Ebony

best acoustic electric guitar under 300The Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Electric Guitar holds its specialty due to super low price range for starters. Apart from it, you may expect to get all the necessary and mandatory elements of Les Paul. Manufactured by utilizing mahogany, the bolt mahogany neck with smooth fret fingerboard made of rosewood makes it a handsome piece.

It will be able to deliver long, sustainable singing and true tones for a long time until its playing is stopped. The availability of Matic Bridge and tailpiece will add to more sustain along with making string changing easier. You can also expect warranty!

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3. Epiphone LP-100 Les Paul Electric Guitar, Heritage Cherry burst

Epiphone-LesPaul-Standard-PlusTop-ProThe Epiphone LP-100 Les Paul Electric Guitar is an electric guitar which will be most suitable for starting. You can take the matter to be serious enough! The body made up of mahogany, along with maple top will deliver classic solid. Along with it heavy tone will also be the outcome. The bolt incorporated on neck along with rosewood fingerboard is very much convenient to play. Chrome hardware along with classic design has made it a better choice!

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Best acoustic electric guitars under $1000

1/ Yamaha A3R Acoustic Electric with SRT (Studio Response Technology)

71s44Eaq7IL._SL1000_The Yamaha A3R Acoustic Electric with SRT combines the best of the acoustic and studio recording worlds with their professional built-in pickup system technology.

Of our top picks under $1000, this is our new #1 pick because it combines both solid Rosewood back and sides, Colid Sitka Spruce Top, and an un-matched microphone – piezo pickup blender which produces the perfect acoustic sound when miced or plugged in.

We had just recently learned about Yamaha’s new SRT system which is like having3 different professional recording studio microphones with multiple combinations of output and EQ settings built in. Even without the SRT, this guitar is a beautiful and quality made acoustic dreadnought (full size) guitar and is quickly better than other top manufacturers of “under $1000″ guitars, including Taylor and Martin, in our opinion . . . Read our Complete Review (including the SRT review)

Let’s go to Amazon.com and GET it NOW!

2/ BlueRidge BR-160 Historic Dreadnought Guitar

An attractive young teenage woman with an acoustic guitarThe Blueridge BR-160 Historic Dreadnought Guitar has been called the “Poor Man’s Martin” and now we know why.
Of these 4 Top Picks, this one boasts stable back and sides made of East Indian Rosewood for the deepest bass projection, the fullest sound of all 4 models, and the most “Martinesque” of the 3 (but does not touch the Yamaha’s SRT in order to plug the guitar in).

Blueridge BR-160 Historic Dreadnaught Guitar – Lowest Cost is at Amazon.com
I have found that anyone can get a Martin quality Martin and guitar sound without paying a Martin price. This Blueridge BR-160 Model offers a Martin Quality Sound at less than half the price of a Martin with related tonewoods and craftsmanship.

Honestly, a while back, I had never really given Blueridge guitars much notice because they are not among some of the top name brand names that I was used to seeing and hearing about in music and guitar stores along with online forums around the world. Wow, had been I ever surprised that this would quickly become one of my top picks for a high quality guitar under $1,000.

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3/ Breedlove Studio D25 SME (Cutaway with Electronic Pickup) Pick

The Breedlove Studio D25 SME is the Dreadnought that is built so well it “just keeps ringing” when strummed with open chords as one owner recently boasted. And, that is a great test for the quality and craftsmanship of tonewoods for any acoustic guitar. Strum an open G or E chord and listen to how long the soundbox (body) resonates and vibrates. Though that is not the only quality test for summing up an acoustic guitar’s quality, it is a great start.

Other checks include “playability” and intonation while moving up the fretboard (does the guitar stay in tune when you chord and play up the neck and when you place a capo on the guitar). All 3 of the guitars picked in this top 3 review keep great intonation all along the fretboard, which equates to fine craftsmanship and superb set-up before departing the factory (set-up getting the height of the strings as determined by the truss rod placing, the nut height and the saddle height) . . .

4/ Taylor 110e Dreadnought – Electronics (with ES-T Expression System Pickup)

Skill level – Playability: Excellent guitar for the beginner or intermediate player looking to get a better long-term sound, pleasure and investment than a less expensive guitar, or for the professional who is looking for a second quality guitar on a budget and does not want to sacrifice playability, tone quality and sound projection. You really won’t “outgrow” this model. . . that’s how properly these Taylors are built. This one also projects quality balance tone for studio recording when miced w ith a quality condenser microphone. In addition, Taylor’s electronic version (the Taylor 110e) of this model are ideal for the stage and recording as well. As one would expect from a Bob Taylor qulaity crafted guitar, it boasts great action (playability) with full sound for flat-choosing- strumming and finger-picking – it is truly extremely versatile and serves all playing styles properly.

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