Best Acoustic Guitars under $500

Are you a big fan of guitar? If the answer is positive then you must know that the guitars available at less expensive price rate have solid tops along with laminated sides and back. If you are a beginner then complete lamination using tone wood will be the best choice. As you know that cutting of trees has been banned which has resulted into scarcity of wood.

Manufacturing of Guitars- A Big Challenge

As a result, manufacturers are at their wits end to turn toward readily available variants like early woods and manmade materials. If you are highly ambitious of acoustic guitars, then it is high time for you to know that its strings are manufactured by using nylon or steel. With the help of these you can easily hear the solo featuring polyphonic arrangement equal to piano solos.

The guitars with 12 strings have steel strings and are widely utilized for the purpose of presenting folks and roll on music. The acoustic guitars fulfilled the need of unamplified guitar which was not audible enough. It is fortunate that the acoustic guitars have the volume of an acoustic which get amplified electronically.

Standard Tuning for Acoustic Guitars

EADGBE has been considered as the standard tuning for acoustic guitar notes. Either of the two E’s one is an octave part. It is very much funny to learn that the notes of acoustic guitars can be easily written in standard musical notation for melodic line or in the form of acoustic tablature. The tabs of the acoustic guitar are a pictorial representation of which depicts the correct placing of fingers on the strings for the purpose of picking the chord.

Categorization of Acoustic Guitars under 500

Once you learn the chords, with the help of the chord name you can accompany singers and play in a group as well. There exist some newly manufactured and distinguished best acoustic guitars under 500 which have been distinguished and categorized as under:

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar 

best acoustic guitars under 500

The Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar has been manufactured in North America which comprises of tested top for selected pressure. It also comprises of double action truss rod for further convenience. The tusq nut along with compensated saddle has been provided for better intonation. If you are looking for precise and stable tuning, then the Tapered Headstock has been included greatly for    the openings of tunings.

Blended with the warmth of Mahogany along with crisp definition of maple! Silver leaf maple neck has been provided for quick tuning.

Taylor Guitars GS Mini Reduced Scale Grand Symphony Acoustic Guitar 

best acoustic guitars under 500

The Taylor Guitars GS Mini Reduced Scale Grand Symphony Acoustic Guitar comprises of solid Sitka spruce top. He back and sides are laminated with Sapele. It also consists of reduced scale symphony in a grand manner. You may also include a gig bag if desired.

It was designed in the manner to be an ultimate musical companion universally. The body shape is inspired by the big, bold sound quality along with skimming of sound. You can pack a lot of tones into a comfortable and portable size which is incredibly funny to play with. Get ready to play the same anytime anywhere!

Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor, BBT, Natural

best acoustic guitars under 500The Taylor guitar founded in 1974 has finally evolved into one of the world’s leading acoustic and electric manufacturers. They have got their reputation for the purpose of blending an innovative use of the present technology. They are even considered to be among the easy to play and providing the best sounding in the whole world.

Its size is smaller as compared to that of full sized guitar. It comprises of dreadnought with solid spruce top, laminated back and sides. It boasts surprisingly full voice!

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