Read my honest experience review on the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Natural is another star come frome big name like Jasmine. The Guitar's quality is great which companied by its reasonalbe price and that makes an incredible deal for you"

John Doe
UI/UX Designer

Review summary

Being an only child I had no one to spend my time with at home. Hence, music was my run to when I feel alone and bored. I spent most of my time learning how to play various musical instruments such as drums, flute, and my favourite the guitar.

I have to admit, I became pretty good at playing the guitar. I remember my first one was a Martin DX1. Together with that guitar I was able to perform in different gigs in our locality. That bad boy also made me famous among the women, true story.

Sadly, we had to part ways. Years of playing sweet music with my trustworthy guitar had weakened it until one day the neck just broke. I’m going to miss that guy, but as they say, all good things must come to an end.

I tried to look for the exact same model in my local guitar shop; sadly, they say that they no longer sell that model. Hence, I decided to give the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar from Amazon. So here is my personal review of the S35.

I ordered the guitar early May last year, to my surprise, the package arrived earlier than expected. I received my new guitar just a week after I order it from This is honestly one of the fastest delivery times that I have experienced from an online store.

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Upon receipt of my new guitar, I immediately took notice of the hard casing that came free with the guitar. The hard casing is one of my favourite things about the Jasmine S35.


Unlike other guitars that came with cloth, zippered casing, the one that came with the S35 was hard and professional looking.

Whenever I use the guitar case, I felt sure that my new guitar won’t be damaged while I’m travelling. The best part about it was it was free! For something that professional looking, I couldn’t believe that it was free.


Another freebie that I got when I bought my guitar was the guitar stand. It was a regular guitar stand so I can’t really say much about it, except that I got it for free. It gave me a place to display my guitar when I was not playing it; however, there was an instance that the guitar fell.

It might have been due to an imbalance in the legs of the stand, nevertheless, after a few adjustments, it never happened again.

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My experience with it

What i like

Another thing that I like about the Jasmine S35 was the shape of its body. The shape of the top and bottom curvature of the guitar made it easier and more comfortable for me when using the guitar. I am also able to rest my arm on the guitar with the uncomfortable sharp edges at the bottom of the guitar.

Regarding the string spacing of the guitar, having fingers that are wider than usual, I had a little bit of trouble having to adjust so that I do not accidentally press the wrong strings.

I had to play a few times before I was finally able to play without such errors, but I was able to adjust eventually.

When playing the Jasmine S35, I noticed that the sound coming from the guitar was louder than my previous Martin DX1. This was a big plus for me since I loved playing in front of a crowd. It played loudly without compromising the smoothness of the notes that were coming from it.


Lastly, the guitar emitted a rounder sound than usual. Hence, I was able to play songs with more clarity without any unintended vibrations. This was problem for me in other non-professional guitars.

What i don't like

Sadly, the loud sound of the guitar also gave me a small problem. Whenever, I stay in a friend’s apartment, I wasn’t allowed to play the guitar in fear of disturbing the neighbours. However, I find the guitar’s loud volume more of a pro than of a con.

Overall, the Jasmine S35 Acoustic guitar is one of the best guitars that I had ever had. IT has a great sound and I love the hard case guitar that came with it. I can honestly say that it was better than my previous Martin DX1 guitar.

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Before you learn to play guitars

As much as it seems easy to play a guitar, it is NOT. the time and efforts needed only to learn to get a hold on how to play the guitar properly is enormous, let alone master it. You need to prepare yourself mentally and carefully before you give it a try."

Soundtricker Admin 

Don't hesitate, just go for it

Everyone seems to think that talent is something you are born with, that, at a grown age, something impossible to learn. However, this statement can’t get any farther from the truth. “If you want something, go get it!” this is a phrase that my dad always reminded me.

With that simple phrase, I was able to achieve a lot of things, travel abroad, earn honors, and even compose songs and poems.


However, there is one thing I have learned lately that I am most proud of. It is something that I, like you, once thought was impossible for someone of my age to learn, and that thing is to play the guitar.

You see, it has been proven both scientifically and historically that if you put enough confidence in yourself to convince yourself that you can do something, then most likely you would achieve your goal. That is the story of how I got to play my first song with a guitar in front of my family.

Here are some recommends, i think they're helpful

If I still haven’t convinced you that you that with enough practice and mental preparation you would be able to learn how to play the guitar, then read on as I show one by one the things that have helped me give the confidence to play the guitar.

Get help from your friends

The first thing I did was ask my friends. No man is an island, even if you wanted to you will never learn how to perfectly play a guitar without the help of anyone. I asked friends of mine who are pro guitarists to assist me as I take my first baby steps in the world of guitars.


My friends were there to give tips, and feedbacks on how I play the guitar. They were also willing to share their secrets on how to play a smooth and entrancing melody.

Don't be overupset with negative feedback

The second tip that I could give you is to keep an open mind. Now that your friends are there to give you feedbacks, ask them to be as honest as possible with the comments they have. As you receive these comments, avoid taking offense from them and remember that these negative feedbacks would be your stepping stone to success.

Be patient, just take small steps

Another thing that I recommend every newbie do is to avoid flying before they learn to walk, figuratively speaking of course. One of the most common mistakes that every newbie does is to immediately try to learn how to play their favourite songs.


However, you have to keep in mind that these songs that we know today are played by guitarists that are already pro’s in the field.

You need to start with simple tunes or melodies. You can’t expect yourself to master songs by the Rolling Stone if you can’t even play twinkle twinkle little stars with your guitar!

So these are the top tips I could give you to help you achieve something that everyone else says to be impossible. Remember to ask for help, keep an open mind, and start small and simple. If I was able to learn how to play the guitar with these tips, then nothing can stop you from doing the same.

Here are some the best acoustic guitars for beginers:

  • Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

  • Fender Starcaster Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack, Natural

  • Daisy Rock Debutante Junior Miss Acoustic Guitar 

Acoustic Guitars: Important Things To Know To Get The Best

You decide that you wanted an acoustic guitar and play it as good as a free style artist on the street. So you run to the nearest music store you know. Talk to the salesperson and ask for the cheapest acoustic guitar they have, and so they give you what you wish.


You Practice. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. You feel like giving up. You ask yourself, “Why can’t I be as good as that guy?”

A lot of us has made this mistake in the past. Opting to save a few bucks instead of buying a quality acoustic guitar. Luckily, we have compiled these following tips on how to choose the best acoustic guitars for beginners like you!

Knowing which guitar brings you the joy and benefits of a music instrument is important! Don't just follow your common sense and pick the cheapest there is in the shop. Gather yourself some helpful tips to get the best guitar that suits your playstyle."

Soudntricker Admin

Balance your budget!


We often hear the phrase “You get what you pay for”. This can’t get any truer with acoustic guitars. Buy a $50 guitar and you might end up with one that would be better used as a wall hanging.

Thus, you need to think how much money you can pay, and what the quality you can get with that money. for example Jasmin guitars tend to be really affordable, much more than the other brands, but it still offers you quality sound and ease of use. You just need to invest more on the strings.

Get a Guitar that suits your playing style

Unknown by many people, acoustic guitars can actually be categorized on the type of sounds they produce.

Each guitar classification then works best for very specific uses, and have very different sounds. Are you into strumming sounds? Get a Dreadnought. Are you into picking and single note sounds? Get a Triple O.

Consider the Material of the Sound Board

An Acoustic guitar’s sound board is the oval-like shape pieces of wood that covers the top of the guitar. It is what helps the guitar produce its signature vibrating and full sound.


The type of wood used on the sound board shapes the guitar’s tone and volume. For example, Sitka spruce produces a round and well balanced sound, while an Adirondack spruce produces a louder and crisper sound.

The Type of String of the Guitar depends on your Music Preference

There are two common types of guitar strings, one is nylon and the other is metal. Nylon strings are for classical and folk music, whereas steel strings are for modern rock, and country style music.


Choosing one type of string at the moment you buy a guitar is crucial because guitars are not interchangeable between these two.

Important Reminders!

You can take a look through our articles and reviews on different brands of acoustic guitars here, to have a closer look of what features a good acoustic guitars possesses. Just use what you've learnt here.

Let's take a look a quick recap of the tips that would make your choice of guitar wise:

  • Spend your budget wise
  • Determine your play style and a guitar that suits it.
  • Pay attention to the material of the sound board.
  • Choose the right type of string


Buying your first acoustic guitar is a very exhilarating experience for any music enthusiast. It is your first step to the world of music and art. Like every first step, we need to make sure that we don’t mess it up in any way. That is why we need to know certain things before we go and choose your first guitar. Remember: just take your time!!

What’s Right For Me? Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

Start out right by choosing the perfect guitar.

Are you just about to start learning how to play the guitar? If you are, then you must be on the look out for your first ever guitar. The guitar is a popular choice for a musical instrument. Its versatility, portability, and popularity make it a great instrument for basically anybody who wants to learn more about it! What kind of guitar should you get though? Read more and deciding might just be made easier for you!

However, as versatile as a guitar could be, it has developed many variations over the years. Different kinds of guitars vary in size, composition, structure, and so much more! There are just so many kinds of guitars. Could you think of ones that you’ve encountered so far?

Two of the most popular guitar variations are the acoustic and electric guitars. What do you think is better?

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars have built-in pickups that convert string vibrations to electrical signals for amplifications.


  • Why is this a good choice?

Electric guitars are said to be good especially for beginners, because it is more forgiving towards mistakes. It could also come with effects and distortion could make you sound better. Electric guitars also come with lighter strings that are easier to play.

  • What are its drawbacks?

However, an electric guitar needs an amplifier. So most of the time, depending on your budget, you could get an average electric guitar with an average amplifier, when you could’ve bought a mid-range acoustic guitar with greater quality. Also, although effects could be fun and sound good, it could distract you from truly learning how to play the guitar well and good.


Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars on the other hand, do not require electrical amplification. They have a hollow body that amplifies the vibrations of strings.

  • Why is this a good choice?

Although acoustic guitars have heavier strings that could be harder to play, a lot of guitarists say that this is actually a good foundation for building stronger hands and fingers for better playing in the long run. It can also be played anytime and basically anywhere. It does not require an amplifier and a set-up. Just bring it and play! That’s perfect for practicing more often!

  • What are its drawbacks?

Acoustic guitars have the tendency to be discouraging for the weak-hearted. As a beginner, you won’t be a perfect player from the start. You’ll make mistakes, and these are easier to distinguish with an acoustic guitar that has no effects or whatsoever.

What’s best for you?

Ultimately, it would depend on the quality and features that you want on your guitar. Aside from what we mentioned, acoustic and electric guitars have distinct sounds that are better for some genres. What do you like better? Do you need to play well instantly? The Electric guitar might be a good choice for this. Do you really want to start from scratch and learn the very basics? The acoustic could be great! This isn’t going to be your final guitar, along the way, you’ll buy or trade it for another guitar. But your first guitar matters a lot on how you could maintain your interest in music and the instrument. We hope this helped you decide!

Travelling? Don’t hesitate to take this Washburn Acoustic Guitar with you!


Washburn Acoustic Guitar: Your acoustic buddy on-the-go

For most musicians, music is life. Melody and harmony in sounds is usually the source of life and motivation. What happens when you see inspiration while on the go, but you don’t have your music companion with you? It could be frustrating sometimes, it’s like having a eureka moment without a pen and paper to write it on. However, there’s a washburn acoustic guitar that’s perfect for carrying around.  It’s the Washburn RO10 rover string travel acoustic guitar: this is a 24inch guitar, that’s precisely the length of 2 rulers. As one can imagine, it’s definitely not a hassle to carry around.

From hereon, we will discuss this guitar’s highlights, features, and pros and cons. If you’re a free soul that wants to travel or you’re someone who’s usually on the go but doesn’t want to lose touch with music, or if you’re simply looking for a guitar that’s light and portable, you’re in the right place!


What this guitar is mainly made for is primarily being portable. At 24 inches and weighing at 2.4 pounds. That’s the weight of a laptop at your back! It comes with 3D rings that could be attached or clipped on to luggage and the like and could easily fit on any airline’s overhead storage.

It’s also solidly built with solid spruce top, mahogany body and neck, and a rosewood fingerboard that is binded well by washburn’s professionals. This guitar comes with great quality materials, with its 800XL strings.

Who is this perfect for?

This guitar is perfect for any person that is driven by music, or a musician/composer who constantly finds inspiration around. Conveniently bring music with you anywhere you go, may it be camping or simply an impromptu jamming session with friends, you’ll always be ready! The guitar is at your beck and call if it’s always with you.

Not only do you get to play music whenever you want to, you can also share it with others if you happen to be in the mood to do so.

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The washburn acoustic guitar RO10 is approximately 24 inches long with a nut width of 43 mm that has a total of 19 frets. The guitar itself weighs around 2.5 lbs, while the case is 4.65 lbs.

It has an adjustable truss rod and is also very space saving with its internal and external storage pockets.

Pros and Cons

Before we proceed with this guitar’s pros and cons, let’s begin by leveling expectations. As any guitar and musical instrument would be, size greatly affects a guitar’s sound and this is one factor that different people may have different preferences on. What may be a pro to some may be a con for others and vice versa. Read carefully, because after careful assessment, this might actually be what you’re looking for!


To reiterate, the Washburn RO10 is undeniably one of the best travel-sized acoustic guitars in the market. It’s the guitar’s main selling point and it’s what it is marketed for.

This guitar is also made by an established guitar brand, Washburn. The materials used are superior, and the makers really made sure that this guitar’s small size does not equate to lower quality.

This guitar sounds great! It doesn’t sound as loud as full-sized guitars, but its materials and design definitely makes a mellow soothing sound that’s surprisingly full enough, considering its size. Despite its small size, it still comes with 19 frets.

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This guitar is small, so definitely don’t make the mistake of expecting a full-sound guitar that would go well with accompaniments for public performances on its own. This is not entirely a disadvantage, but it’s worth noting.

The action on this guitar is not the best to, but this is something that is adjustable, so you may expect that once you get this.

This is durably built for travelling, but do expect that it wouldn’t always be in a pristine condition, especially if used to often, due to the fact that it could easily be brought anywhere. No problems were found on performance over time, but dents and some aesthetic blemishes definitely appear after some time. Wouldn’t that simply be a sign of a well-loved guitar?


If you’re looking for a travel guitar that’s definitely portable, there’s no question to this washburn acoustic guitar being the best in the market. However, if you have other priorities in mind, such as sound and comfort in handling, it might be worth giving this second thought and checking on more reviews.

A Classic 6 String vs. the 12 String Guitar: Should You Go Non-Traditional?

What is a 12 String Guitar?

The guitar itself is an evolved lute, its story going back centuries and longer throughout several continents. But in its most recent incarnation, the famous stringed strumming instrument typically comes with six strings. These strings play six individual open notes: E, A, D, G, B, and E.

However, outside the traditional six string, guitars come in a number of different flavors – the next common and equally famous one being the 12 string guitar. 12 string guitars are tuned much the same way that six string guitars are tuned – instead of a single set of six notes, you have two sets. For the lower four pairs, each second string is an octave apart from the first – while for the highest two pairs, the strings are identical. It may sound like a strange tuning tradition, but it can produce some truly magical music almost effortlessly.

A guitar is a guitar – but there are differences between one with six strings, and one with twelve. The question is: what are these differences, and why should you care? No matter whether you’re a starting musician or someone with a much longer interest in music, we’ll help you figure out which guitar is best for you – or rather, which guitar is best for what situation.

The History of the 12 String

Whether it’s Goodnight Irene, Stairway to Heaven, Hotel California or a large collection of Pink Floyd’s greatest hits, the 12 string guitar makes an appearance all throughout contemporary music history. However, its origins trace back a lot longer than that – although no one is entirely sure to where.

Epiphone DR-212 12-String Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone DR-212 12-String Acoustic Guitar

In the United States, the first appearance of the 12 string guitar most likely has to owe its invention to the innovations of immigrants from the country that developed and oversaw the evolution of the lute – Italy. Whether in New York, Chicago or someplace else, it was likely Italian luthiers – that is, instrument makers – who first decided to double the strings on a regular six string guitar.

Another hypothesis is that, instead of being developed in the United States, the 12 string slipped over the border from Latin America, particularly from the guitar culture in Mexico. Either which way, it’s been a thing for over a century – hardly a new trend, or an innovation in the field of music. Yet to aspiring guitarists, the switch and difference between six-string and 12 string guitars is a big one.

The early stages of twelve string guitar work in America were dominated by the blues and other genres in the southern states. Pete Seeger and others helped revive it in the 60s, describing the beautiful and round sound of a 12 string as the clanging of bells. A fan favorite among folk singers, the fullness of the guitar helped inspire a new kind of sound that even built heat and inspired folks during the civil rights movement of the later 60s.

How 12 String Guitars Are Built

The biggest difference between a regular six string guitar and a twelve string instrument is the structure. Strumming twice the number of strings requires a little modification, which can truly change the way the instrument is made, and how it feels in your hands.

For one, the body of a twelve string guitar is reinforced compared to the body of a regular six string guitar. On top of that, the neck of a twelve string is a lot stronger to make up for the increased tension of having twice the number of strings attached to their pegs. The headstock and its pegs is appropriately extended to make up for the fact that there are twice as many tuners, and finally, the fretboards for 12 string guitars are shortened to reduce stress on the instrument.

Taylor 150e Spruce/Sapele Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Taylor 150e Spruce/Sapele Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Why You May or May Not Want a 12 String

The pros of a 12 string are obvious – it’s more versatile, capable of fuller and more complex sounds, and isn’t much harder to fingerpick than a regular guitar. However, there are considerations to make beforehand. For one, a 12 string guitar is much, much more time consuming to tune.

Then there’s the increased cost, and finally, the consideration that the increased density between strings can make it a little harder to pull off some bends, while sounding clean.

For the right songs, a 12 string guitar is a musical blessing in the least. But you’ll have to be ready for a good deal more maintenance.

Guitar Pickups: Do they affect your guitar’s tone and sound quality?

If you’ve been a guitar player for quite some time now, you would have developed a certain familiarity and comfort in it and would now be exploring on different accessories and upgrades that you could use to step up the game. A lot of people could play a guitar, but few could play it well.

With the help of the right upgrades and good skills, you can make good music!

If you’re eyeing new guitar pickups for your next purchase, you might be wondering, are guitar pickups worth the buck? What could it do for your music? And most importantly, will it affect a guitar’s tone?

Before we get on in disclosing the answers to the said questions, let’s settle common ground on what a guitar pickup is:

Pickup: the guitar’s center

If your guitar was a person, its center is its pickup. It is what gives life to your guitar and this could turn a relatively low quality guitar a new personality. Wow that sounded like magic. But no, it’s not like you got a new guitar. To compare, if we are to personify your guitar, it would be like your guitar had a makeover. Possibly a haircut or a wardrobe change. It’s the same guitar, but better.

It could work wonders in upgrading your guitar’s current state. A guitar pickup change could bring forth clearer and better sound quality. How does that happen?


What can a pickup do?

A pickup can only do so much. It can’t change everything, but it could make your guitar louder on stage, make its presence more evident, most especially with accompaniment and in larger areas, and lastly, it could sustain notes that slowly die down on the feedback.

Guitar Pickup Mechanism

Guitar pickups are made to convert a string’s vibration into electrical signals that could be recognized by an amp or mixer. This change in sound and feel is evident as heard on the speakers, from the amp. This works through magnetism. Magnets create fields that move in response to a string’s vibration. This is what is translated to the said electrical signals that is easily recognizable by amps.

Since guitar pickups work through magnetism, a higher output is produced when the pickups are closer to the strings.


These magnets’ material is what usually create changes in tone. Since these magnets are the ones creating the magnetic field, different magnets create different kinds of fields that in turn produce different tone characteristics.

Some are sweet and vintage, while others are stronger. Ceramic magnets are usually louder and stronger, and is thus favored by rock artists.

Dissecting a guitar sound’s sources

A guitar’s tone and sound quality is a mixed result of its features. So as already said, changing your pickups doesn’t work like magic. Sound and tone also relies on materials, structure, shape, size, strings and even how your guitar was made. However, upgrading your guitar pickup would be one of the biggest shortcuts in achieveing a better quality fast.

Strings, Tone, and Pickups

It is important to note that nylon strings are incapable of interacting with magnetic fields. It is thus of great importance to use the right kind of strings if you plan to upgrade pickups.

Pickup placement

Pickups could also significantly change tone and output by its placement. Since its sound originates from the vibration of the string, and a string vibrates differently along the length of a guitar, changes in pickup placement would create significant changes in sound. It’s fun to experiment on this but generally, a pickup placed near the bridge is usually brighter and the sound brightness is lessened as it is moved towards the neck.


After knowing all these things, why should you decide on changing your pickups? Well, that is entirely your choice, but it’s a good move for sure!

Guitar pickups are easy to deal with and they’re easy to use. Changing your pickup is really easy, so if you want to go back to your old one, it wouldn’t be hard too. It would also be fun to experiment on changing its placement, and you can all do it by your self by your bedside table or in the sofa. It isn’t as relatively irreversible as changing your tuner or guitar neck’s profile. Try it out and think about it!

Headstart: Learning how to play the guitar for beginners

Guitars are one of the most popular musical instruments in this time, most especially among starting musical enthusiasts that have just started (or are considering to start) a life spiced up with the beautiful and comforting company of music.

Research, Try, and Master

To ready yourself in this journey that is about to begin, there are three things that must be kept in mind in order to make the most out of guitar playing some time in the future, and keep yourself fueled in your beginning years. Again, three things, namely: research, try, and master.

There will be several steps along the way, but for each, the three steps are necessary. Research isn’t always needed. Some people just go with their gut feeling and directly try things out and unravel discoveries.

But in a world where information, may it be from friends or the internet, are always readily available, why take the journey alone?


  • Research on what people had done about it, both experts and ordinary people.
  • Research how things tick.
  • Research the functions and differences, the dynamics that surround the mystery and challenge that guitar learning offers.

After which, try it for yourself. You might fail in one way or another. But keep trying, until you master this knowledge and skill.

Picking a Guitar

If you’re here now, you may or may not have gotten over this task. Nevertheless, it’s an important part of the journey.

Pick a guitar.

Research, trying, and

critical thinking is vital for this step. Different guitars will cater to different needs. Don’t instantly believe the “beginner” and “advance” categories that they put on guitar stores.


Instead, think of your target budget, sound, and music style when choosing guitar.

If you choose a guitar for its simplicity or complexity, time will come that you would advance. Your budget and goals are more important.

Nothing is going to be easy in learning a new skill, but you can make sure that you’re well prepared for the task and ready to face the challenges head-on.

Getting familiar with it

After picking your best bud for this journey, the next step is being familiar with it. To start smoothly and end victoriously, getting to know your guitar, its anatomy, and its capacities and limitations would allow you to maximize your potential. Be familiar with its parts, mechanisms, the difference in how different strings sound, or how each would make a different sound with different chords. Experiment with techniques too. Learn the basics, and try to explore outside of it.

Your style

Lastly, but the most crucial part of all, after knowing all these, which might take a while depending on your determination and availability.

Know your style and embrace it.

After getting your own guitar, and knowing everything about it, you’ll find things that you love. Let that be your fuel and create your own style. Your own style will not only give you an edge in guitar playing, it will make the process of learning unceasingly interesting, since you’ve branded it with something that symbolizes you and your taste.

It may seem simple in a short text, but it’s not gonna be a smooth and easy journey. There’ll be humps, but they’re meant to make you better; definitely not stop you.

How to properly store a guitar for the long-term

The time would always come when our guitar would need to take some time off and be away from the limelight. Time will come that we have to store them for long periods of time. Sometimes, it’s because we got a new one but this particular guitar has a great sentimental value, other times, new priorities just come knocking on our door and we can’t have much time to play the guitar as often as before.

If you’re reading this article, your guitar must be of great importance to you. Some could simply not care on what’s going to happen, and simply store it without thought in some place. However, researching about it would mean that you want to keep it at a good state.


Here’s some good news before we get to the tips: Most guitars are made to last.

Yes. They are tough, mostly. It isn’t uncommon to see 20-25 year old guitars out there. Some are frequently used, some had been stored in a storage area for some time, but still, they lasted for years; even more than a decade.

Optimal conditions: Regulating moisture

Moisture, aside from encouraging microorganisms like molds to get to your guitar, could also make your guitar’s material a bit softer and more susceptible to stress.

Water is a universal solvent, and could penetrate the guitar’s wooden parts, making it either weaker or as said, prone to being exposed to and inhabited by molds.

These are not only disgusting for some, it can significantly shorten the guitar’s life. A humidity level between 45-55% would be best. Putting silica gel in the guitar and a humidifier in the storage area would be good too.

Optimal conditions: Regulating temperature

Extreme temperature and any changes in this aspect would not be good for the guitar too. Heat makes molecules expand and cold makes them contract.

Never expose your guitar to 2 things:

  1. Extreme temperatures
  2. Constantly changing temperature: Keep it at room temperature, preferably between 18 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Storage methods

  • Some people use hooks by the wall, this is good, as it holds the guitar in place and allows it to be placed in a safe and secluded place, preferably away from being hit by people or out of reach for kids.
  • There are also guitar stands, but each would depend on the guitar’s shape and type. It’s good for displays, but ensure that it is firm and secured for your guitar. Otherwise, its instability may cause the guitar to fall and break.
  • Guitar cases provide a good combination of being portable, practical, and secured storage for guitars, especially hard cases. However, unlike specialized instrument cabinets, they are not specifically designed to provide uniform humidity inside.How-to-properly-store-a-guitar-for-the-long-term-2

Regular checkups

Lastly, it would always be best to check on it from time to time and see if the strings, body, and mechanisms work perfectly fine.

Some like to de-string their guitars before storage, but that’s not always the best way. It would heighten the likelihood of losing interest in playing and checking on your guitar, which is important.

Keeping your guitar at its best condition would involve having it kept in mind and checked regularly.

Jasmine S34C NEX: Who says that price could be equated to sound quality?

I got my Jasmine about six months ago, when I decided to learn playing the guitar. At first, I didn’t exactly want to take this seriously. I just wanted a guitar so I could practice and learn by myself. I was set on testing the waters first and see if this is really something that I want to master.

However, I would say that your first guitar would really have a great impact on your motivation to pursue the craft or not. I realized how lucky I am to have purchased this guitar exactly, and have friends who were already playing the guitar for some time. It was, I would dare say, the perfect choice for starting guitar playing.


My friends recommended for me to change the strings the moment I purchased it, and so they helped me changed it. Voila! I have a really good-sounding guitar on my hand. It mattered a lot! It matters to hear sounds that are always music to the ears, no matter how out-of-tune or a big newbie I was on guitar playing before.

I would say that I’m still a newbie, but I certainly learned faster and guitar playing took a bigger place in my heart mostly because I was lucky to have purchased something so good for a great deal.


This Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic boasts of an advanced bracing system like no other. It is because is bracing system is shifted forward, closer to the sound hole. This is said to help produce a more vibrant and open sound with improved note details and definition.

It has a scalloped design that makes it lighter weight-wise and allows the top of the guitar to vibrate more freely, which results in really good quality sound. Sounds are well balanced and notes are thoroughly separated especially by the solid rosewood plate on the bridge.

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This guitar features a natural gloss, whose texture is leaning more towards matte. It has two options for the body (depending on weight and sound preferences) which is dreadnought and cutaway design. The cutaway is unbelievably lighter, while the sound on the dreadnought is more solid (although it comes with more weight). It is covered by a laminated spruce top with a rosewood fingerboard and sapele back and sides. As said, it also comes with an advanced “X” bracing design. It weighs a total of 5.9lbs with measurements of 18 x 8 x 48 inches.

S34-C is a very stylish orchestra-style guitar that is built to create rich and balanced sounds, all packed in a stylish cutaway style guitar for a great value. he smooth satin finish is said to maximize resonance for the best sound quality possible. Full binding could also be found on this guitar, complete with chrome tuners, synthetic bone nut and saddle, and a slim neck.Jasmine-S34C-guitar-2


I hope I don’t get across people here as someone so stingy, but the biggest pro of all for me, is the value that you get for your money.

This guitar is a really good buy for its price.

The sound is surprisingly to exceed your expectations, given its price.

It also looks nice. I am oddly appalled to glossy surfaces, and this guitar’s matte surface is simply a breath of fresh air. It looks nice and even feels nice. You can choose between the dreadnought and cutaway body, depending on your weight and sound preferences. The lighter one has a really good sound quality, but creates much softer tones than the slightly heavier dreadnought. The size is also perfect, it so far allows me to reach higher frets with much ease. The intonation is pretty okay too.

Honestly, given the price and the sound quality of this guitar, you can’t possibly go wrong. Most people purchase this guitar for being a “crash” guitar. A guitar with less value, something you can bump and drop on surfaces without feeling bad on how careless you are for something so expensive. And I would say that it would still work even if it was your primary guitar in use!


Most people would agree with me, when I say that whenever you purchase a relatively low-price guitar, invest on a good set of strings. Aside from the strings, I think the guitar is overall really good.

Given the surprisingly awesome sound quality that it gives off for its price, adding a good set of strings to the expenses still won’t cause as much as a high-end guitar. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain content that appears on this website comes from This content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice.